How To Subscribe To Mtn cheapest data plan may 2016

Believe me, this is the cheapest data plan for mtn may 2016
Get 750MB for N500
How to get 750mb for #500
Send 103 to 131
Valid For Only 7days
Do you know that with #1000 you can
get 1.5Gb ???
Yes is possible all you have to do again
is send 103 to 131
again ;-D
MTN 1.3GB For N1000 Data Plan
How Do I Subscribe To MTN 1.3GB For
N1000 Data Plan?
==> Load N1000 on your MTN line
==> Open your SMS and send 106 to
131. That’s all.
MTN 3.75GB Data Plan For N2000
How To Subscribe To MTN 3.75GB Data
Plan For N2000
==> Load N2000 on your MTN line
==> Send 110 to 131 in an SMS
Your data will be activated.
Note that these plans can be used on all
devices and
doesn’t require additional configurations.

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