Latest Mtn free browsing Cheat For may 2016 | blaast mb

Download config. Profile of blaast Mb
and start browsing free if you already
have the blaast Mb tho!
Mtn blaast mb is still blazing on simple
android server. It works flawlessly if you
are in an area with good internet
It works not on Neetloop but on Simple
Android Server v3.7
=> Download Simple Android Server
Download and Install it.
You will also need to download Blast Mb
config file .json for Simple Android
=> Download Blast Mb Config File For

Once downloaded, launch your Simple
Android Server v3.7.0 and at the top
right corner click on Load Config as
shown below
Locate the Blaast Mb config file and
click on it to import it into Simple
Server. It would be successfully
Now turn on your mobile data and start
your Simple Android Server and Start
blazing Blaast Mb on Your Android

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