Breaking News : Get 100% of your donation in less than 24 hours,

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Get 100% of your donation in less than 24 hours,
you don’t need any referral..

Our Packages
You Donate a sum of ₦5,000 and you get ₦10,000
in less than 24 hours..
You Donate a sum of ₦10,000 and you get ₦20,000
in less than 24 hours..
You Donate a sum of ₦20,000 and you get ₦40,000
in less than 24 hours..
You Donate a sum of ₦50,000 and you get
₦100,000 in less than 24 hours..
Asked Questions
How Does It Work? Once you register on , you will get merged
immediately to someone
What Will Happen If I Fail To Pay? If you
have been merged and you fail to pay your
upline within 30mins, your account will be
deactivated for 2hours and you will be re-
merged to another person after another 2
Do I Need To Look For Downlines? Downlines
are automatically given to you immediately or
in less than 30secs after you register on
Can I Get Multiple Accounts Yes, multiple
account creation is allowed so as to make the
system last longer
When Will I Get My Downlines? In less than
10mins after you being confirmed, you will get
your downlines who are to pay you.
Who We Are
We are taking strict measures on all users
especially the defaulters who fail to pay on
time, i.e all merged users who fail to pay his/
her upline after 30mins will get deactivated.
Registering on takes you a step
ahead of getting double of your preferred
investment within an hour. We provide a solid
platform for helping all our users to get
double of their donations within a twinkle of
an eye.
Once you register on cashgram, you do not
need any referral before you get your
payments, the system is just to get you your 2
downlines automatically.
Cashgram is one of its kind, it is coming up
soon with it’s android mobile application which
will make it easier and faster for users to get
notification on either being merged or being

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13 Comments on : Get 100% of your donation in less than 24 hours,

  1. Jimoh munirudeen Adeola // __ February 8, 2017 at 3:04 PM // Reply

    I pay the sun of 5000 for someone on cashgram since 10:30 and the person has confirmed me so they never merged me with another person to pay me back


  2. imitini esther // __ February 9, 2017 at 7:55 AM // Reply

    I paid 5000 to someone on Tuesday and I wz confirm up till now i ve nt been merged with the person that will pay me, it is mor than 24hours now.


  3. i pay someone N10,000 around 8:30am yesterday February 8th and i was confirm till now have not be been merged with people that will pay me


  4. One was merged with me but I call d person and he said he is not going to pay I don’t knw d reason.


  5. Hi..av paid since yesterday not bin merged…pls wat happening


  6. Is cashgram a scam or what?I have also paid since yestday Feb 8,up till now Feb 9 I have not been matched…… People are complaining of not been matched here and there and we haven’t gotten any update on their website. Hope this isnt a new way of scanning innocent people of their hard earned money???


  7. I paid 5k since February 7 and up till now I have not been matched. I don’t understand anymore oo…


  8. Dibua obianuju francisca // __ February 9, 2017 at 8:35 PM // Reply

    I paid 5k since 8 feb until now they have’t merge with anybody and i have being comfirmed since that day


  9. I wanted to join ur group but with these comments…sorry i’m out!


  10. 5days now not been matched if I saw all dis comments won’t have joined but if people don’t join we won’t be paid


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