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wake, wake, wake, please wake! dont
miss this. its paying seriously. am off to
recycle my account. Talk to you later.
may be another
opportunity, will call

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9 Comments on – How To Register And Login

  1. Pls….have been merged on Softearners since Tuesday…av paid n been confirmed……wen will i get paid pls…???? Reply


  2. Have made payment since last week Monday but up till now no sign of payment


  3. Please BEWARE SOFTEARNERS is a scam I have paid since 5th February ,but no show, worst of all is that the person I paid to no longer peak her calls .
    I have being sending emails to them but no respond. DON’T DO IT


  4. Scam !!!!! They ate my 20k just like that nobody should pay to them


  5. Since 6th of feb I was matched 2 pay someone an since then I hav not seen my contributors


  6. Softearners ar scan


  7. I want my mnoney bacK ooooo aniakor chetachi amaobi diamond bank 0046595208 plz oooo


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