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Earn 200% from 5 minutes.
Raise more Money, the latest donation platform
that’s fair to all. Select an amount to help a
fellow member with and two people will be
instantly matched with you.
You will Get help double the amount you helped
with within 5 minutes to 3 hour. is keen to keep a beggar free
society. Here’s a list of Notorious Cyber-beggars.
How It Works
At SuperNaira, Members earn double the amount
they give to another member.
Note: Cyber Beggar are not allowed.
Register as a user with phone number,email
and bank details.
Forgot password? feel free to reset password.
Select A Plan to Provide Help with.
You can select more than one plan at once.
Hence no need for multiple accounts
You will be matched instantly with someone.
Call the person so the person activates you
once payment is received.
Once confirmed, you will be matched with two
people to pay you within 5 minutes to 3 hours
If matched with a Cyber Beggar, Kindly purge
the user immediately.
About SuperNaira
The company was founded by a team of
humanitarian who wanted to overcome the
routine and create a platform that would act
create an avenue for members to help each
SuperNaira has always been about helping
Warning: No Cyber Beggars Allowed
Choose A Plan To Give.
No return fees, no overnight surprise. Earn
double of what you give today
2:1 Matrix
Auto Assign
Purge beggars
₦10,000 Return Investment
2:1 Matrix
Auto Assign
Purge beggars
₦20,000 Return Investment
2:1 Matrix
Auto Assign
Purge beggars
₦40,000 Return Investment
2:1 Matrix
Auto Assign
Purge beggars
₦100,000 Return Investment
Note: Cyber beggers Are Not ALLOWED!.
Users should Purge any beggar immediately. You
will be rematched instantly.
Frequently Asked Questions
It doesn’t matter who you are and what you are
trying to do – Quickcash makes it easier to earn
double amount in a short time.
Dealing with Cyber Beggars
Simply Click on Purge to remove such a user
and be re-matched.
I want to cancel a plan
Click the cancel button to cancel the plan.
Your account is still safe.
Alert Delay
Kindly be patient with the member, some
transfer could take up to an hour
Caught Begging
Note:If you are caught begging more than 2
times. your account will be blocked forever.
Need More Help?
Kindly Chat with Admin
A few kind words
Find out why hundreds of people love SuperNaira
Supernaira is the real thing. I love the
organisation and straightforwardness. Get 200%
of your ph in no time. I ph 50k and get 100k in
less than 3 hours. God bless you guys
Ibedin Oghenetega
SuperNatural is the real deal. I opened multiple
accounts and in 2hrs I got matched and
paid…unbelievable!!!!!! It pays
Owie Osarenomase Maxwell
Supernaira is the real thing. It really pays. I ph
N50000 and less than 3 hours, I was paid
N100000. It’s not a scam.
Darlington Ibedin
Supernaira pays. I ph N500000 and in less than 3
hours I was paid N100000.
Ibedin Oghenetega
I ph last night and I am here to confirm that I
have been paid. This supernaira is bam bam.
kindly rush and register so that you can also
profit from supernaira because they are here to
Uzoma Sunday Chilaka
No one has ever become poor by giving.
— Anne Frank

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12 Comments on – Register, Login – How it works

  1. Have forgotten my password


  2. hello Guys, supernaira is scam you can not upload POP it has as been programmed as such beware!


  3. oyenuga oluwabunmi // __ February 20, 2017 at 5:57 PM // Reply

    gudevening hv paid someone since Friday nd hv nt been paid pls what is going on


  4. George emmanuel // __ February 21, 2017 at 4:33 AM // Reply

    pls i was unable to see the person i av 2 pay to the network is saying no gateway what am i to do


  5. George emmanuel // __ February 21, 2017 at 4:51 AM // Reply

    pls guys i have a problem immedatly i finished the registration i was ask to provide help i click on it but it was nt going but not long some one called me that am to pay her but have not even seen it at all what am i to do?


  6. Try logging in from a system. The phone app is not working well.


  7. pls i have some questions. 1. is supernaira still paying? cos i registered 2 of my ppl since friday 2 (#20000) and monday(100000) and mine on monday night (10000) uptill now non of us has been merged. 2. supernaira does it have a group chart pls if it does i ll like to have it. 08183666438


  8. Hi is over one good month now I ph in super naira site up to now I was not match for any payment why? I am still waiting for my match plz thxs


  9. Is Esther marin again this is my phone no 08138024141 please I am still waiting for my payment over one month now thxs


  10. 08138014141 this is correct that one above is wrong


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