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The 247Helpers.Org Dashboard is a must have
for all who intended to make money in Nigeria ,
with 247 Helpers , Dear you can make as much
as you want from the Comfort of your home
from the Reviews below , we can be able to see
and read what people are saying about this
amazing Ponzi Scheme in Nigeria , please read
below and share with your friends.

People’s Review : 247Helpers.Org Dashboard
Seriously, I thought it was a Joke! It is NOT! I
decided to try 247helpers to see if my money will
increase in 24 hours?
On Saturday Morning, I donated 20k to someone
in 247helpers ? To my greatest surprise, I logged
in yesterday evening and behold I was merged to
be paid by 2 people! Yes. This two have paid me
and I have 40k with me!
How Make Money from Home
Get Paid
This is why, we bring you this business! You not
let it pass!
join the leading community today and get 100%
instantly of any cash you PH. GET HELP
immediately after confirmation of provide help.
247helpers all the way.

247helpers.. for you to make better
impressions.. u nid to constantly update your
members here on Facebook.. from what i see u
last posted something on Jan. 29th..dats too far.
could mean you guys are no more active
I need someone to refer me to your 247Helpers,
can you provide me with a registered member
referral link or username to complete my
registration with you? Thanks.
Up twinkas and 247helpers, in my poverty by
MMM, i regain my strength and got a new breath
but not all.
Lets support twinkas and 247helpers and enrich
ourselves for a better tomorrow.
please join if u want to eradicate poverty or
better still keep begging ur aunt or uncle that
dont listen to you for money wake up and make
money my dear friends
247helpers, I need to GH now. Since morning
after receivers confirmed reception of my
N20,000 donation, still I can’t GH. I kept telling
me “don’t have confirmation donation ” My PO
shows I’m not owing anyone. I need urgent
solution – chimamaka. Username -.adanna09

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