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Advertisements Login Account – Flash Pay ,
Register : Speed Get back your investment in a
realistic time frame of not more than 72 hours.
Yes, 72 hours! , Simply “Login” Or
“Register” to start.
REVIEW : Login Account – Flash
Pay, Register
According to Patoranking,
“Anybody Can Make It!”
So sign up , sit back and earn
Zero tolerance on non-payers
means quick and permanent deletion,
with quick rematch of sponsors.
Get 100%
By Donating and Relaxing
Flashpay is a trustworthy financial networking
Also a very profitable one, for people looking to
earn with absolute peace of mind.
Invest in one of our packages,
and in a maximum of 72 hours, get back double
of what you invested.
Our system guards against unserious
contributors appropriately.
Never lose your hard earned money again
Compound Your Earnings
By Simply Reinvesting
With at least 10 cycles of investment per user
per month,
Investors earn at least 1000% of their first
All you need is a little patience
For Instance, diligently reinvesting every 3 days
for a month easily nets you at least
₦200,000 for our ₦20,000 package and
₦1,000,000 for our ₦100,000 package.
Relax, we are not going anywhere!
Our Investment Packages
2:1 Matrix
Auto Matching
Auto Purging
Get ₦20,000.00
Approx. 72 hrs
2:1 Matrix
Auto Matching
Auto Purging
Get ₦40,000.00
Approx. 72 hrs
2:1 Matrix

Auto Matching
Auto Purging
Get ₦100,000.00
Approx. 72 hrs
2:1 Matrix
Auto Matching
Auto Purging
Get ₦200,000.00
Approx. 72 hrs
These past few months, I have been duped by
many websites. Flashpay seems like a breath of
fresh air
– Ijeoma Ajunwa, Lagos State
I really think this site has the potential to last
longer than any other financial network
– Patrick Sunday, Akwa Ibom State
So far so good, I can only see good things about
flashpay, I sincerely hope it doesn’t change in
the future
– Funmilayo Adigun, Edo State
I am so happy to finally be getting paid by one of
these kind of sites after many losses. Flashpay
– Matthew Iheanacho, Enugu State
How It works
Flashpay is an open community where people
help each other. We detest greed on this
network. Greedy people are not allowed in this
forum. If you are greedy please kindly delete
your account. Because we will fetch you out in
less than no time
When you sign up and register, you will need to
pledge and make a payment of either ₦10,000,
₦20,000, ₦50,000, ₦100,000 to the participant
assigned to you within 6 hours.
Once you pay and you are confirmed, the system
will automatically assign two people to pay you
double of your investment within 10 minutes to
72 hours.
1. You have a decline button to decline any
pledge and once clicked, you will be
deleted permanently from the system and
won’t be allowed to register again.
2. If you fail to make make payment within
the 6 hours, you will be permanently
deleted from the system and won’t be
allowed to register again.
3. You can pledge for different packages at
the same time once you can pay for them.
(Note:Once any of the time given in any
package you choose elapses,the system
will automatically delete your account.)
4. Any participant that refuses to make
payment to his/her recipient after 6hrs,the
person will be deleted from the system ,the
beneficiary will be rematched immediately
the Person’s time elapses.
Having read the above warnings, Signing up is
1. Sign up with your correct information
2. Login in to your dashboard and select a
plan(10000,20000,50000, and 100000)
3. You will be match to pay someone
immediately within 6hours.
4. After payment your account will be active
to receive payment within the next 72
5. Two people will be matched to pay you the
exact amount you donated making it
hundred percent of what you offered.

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3 Comments on Login Account – Flash Pay, How To Register

  1. juliet edemenya // __ March 5, 2017 at 2:26 PM // Reply ….I have not been paid and is over 72hours now. please whats the matter


  2. JULIET EDEMENYA // __ March 15, 2017 at 5:06 AM // Reply

    Flashpay is a scam pls run wit ur money. i paid some one since 3 weeks ago up til nw no mergin no payment


  3. hmm this is bad oo.


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