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WELCOME TO PH-Circle. PH-Circle is an
inspiration from God, motivated by the general
ideology of helping each other with our own
money; it was design to create a stable financial
status for every committed member. And we
mean it. With PH-Circle lack will be a thing of
the past. We are here to stay for as long as we
want. Join us now lets us build this God giving
dream together. Once again WELCOME TO PH-
PH-Circle is not a bank, investment company, or
get rich quick scheme. PH-Circle does not
collect money from anyone’s bank account. PH-
Circle is a community of people that understand
it is more important to work together in order to
beat the ‘unfair financial order’ we live in today
in this world,where only a few of the people
enjoy and control the world’s riches and wealth,
where the rich keep on getting richer and the
poor keep on getting poorer.
PH-Circle participants from all over the world,
selflessly and unselfishly help each other to fulfill
one another’s dreams by donating among
themselves in order to advance each other’s
financial lives. They understand that nothing
beats community work, PH-Circle members
understand that “together we can create the
change we long


NGstudents Team Cares….. 

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