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hours to launch
Join the most empowering scheme today and
change your financial status forever.
You can create multiple accounts with
different email and username.
The system matches you to make payment
to a fellow participant the moment you
complete your registration.
We adopted the best system of matching
(Automated System).
The system gives you a maximum duration
to make your payment after which your
account is automatically blocked if payment is
not made within the time frame given.
You must be confirmed by the person you
paid to before you can be matched to be paid.
The system adopts the ‘First Pay First
Receive Queuing System’.
The system provides privileges for different
categories of members.
The system provides members privileges of
deleting defaulting members.
The sustainability of the system lies on
continuous donations by members.
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To offer our members the opportunity of
making an investment that will propagate their
finances up to 200% within the shortest
possible time.
To give them the sense of spending
judiciously and embrace investment so as to
enhance their standard of living.
To minimize financial drought in this period
of recession.
To adapt to the ever changing economy and
create market for banks thereby making
money to be in circulation.
To equip the public with the basic
information they need pertaining to this
yielding network and other money generating
To eliminate the loss of money as it has
been a phenomenon for other funding sites
(Ponzi Schemes).
To help businesses which have suffered lack
of finances to grow geometrically.
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We Provide various platforms for which all
registered members can make donations to other
members according to their capacity.
Provide Help of N5,000
& Get Help of N10,000.
You will be Matched with
2 Participants who will
pay you N5,000 each
CLASSIC: N10,000
Provide Help of N10,000
& Get Help of N20,0000.
You will be Matched with
2 Participants who will
pay you N10,000 each


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