HERICASH.COM – How To Register And Login Account +Scam review was launched on 16/03/2017 by
HeriCash Processes
If past history was all that is needed to play the
game of money, the richest people would be
Provide Donation & Get Donation
You provide help from the listed amounts and
the system will match you with two participants
to provide donation to you immediately the
donation is available.
Referral Bonus
There is a N1,000 referral bonus on every
referred users that donates. The bonus is static
and it will not grow. You can cash it out with
your next Get Donation.
Kick Against Fraud
Report and fake proof of payment, our team are
on standby to respond to you and investigate
with speedily. Participant with fake PoP will be
blocked permanently.
Our Packages
All our packages are sure to give you 200% of
your donations
Package 1
Get N10,000
24/7 Support
Package 2
Get N20,000
24/7 Support
Package 3
Get N50,000
24/7 Support
Package 4
Get N100,000
24/7 Support
Package 5
Get N200,000
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