TRIPLEINSTANTPAY.GA – Register, Login Account – How it works +Scam review was launched today,
TIP is a global charity organisation that helps its
esteemed members to donate to one another
and help improve the standard of living of the
entire community at large. It is a systematic
peer-to-peer donation system with a perfect tree
that builds every level complete before moving
to the next. No referral link is needed and
registration is absolutely free. By using this
platform, members can donate and receive from
one another. Anybody from anywhere in Nigeria
is eligible to join as long there is an interest of
being financially independent.
1. Log on to
2. Register!
3.Get upgraded by a making a donation to your
upline depending on your bundle..
Receive exactly the same amount you donated to
your Upline from the direct Downlines matched
to you directly. In this bundles there are swifts,
you will be matched to receive dobations based
on your bundle and swift.
Bundle One
Swifts Upgrade / Donation Downlines Total
1 N5,000 2 N10,000
2 N5,000 3 N15,000
3 N5,000 4 N20,000
Bundle Two
Swifts Upgrade / Donation Downlines Total
1 N10,000 2 N20,000
2 N10,000 3 N30,000
3 N10,000 4 N40,000
Bundle Three
Swifts Upgrade / Donation Downlines Total
1 N25,000 2 N50,000
2 N25,000 3 N75,000
3 N25,000 4 N100,000
Bundle Four
Swifts Upgrade / Donation Downlines Total
1 N50,000 2 N100,000
2 N50,000 3 N150,000
3 N50,000 4 N200,000

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