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Moneyland is a member to member donation
website where you get 200% return of any
amount that you donate to a member. When you
donate to a member today, you will get back
double of such amount within the same day and
5 days i.e When donate 10,000naira to a
member, you will get 20,000naira in return.
Moneyland operates just one package
(=N=10,000) which makes earning to be faster
for all members although you are free to open as
many account as you want but you must PH on
all accounts to be eligible to get double return on
all of them
To join us and make money, just CLICK HERE to
register or click on Register button from the
menu, you will be taken to the registration page,
fill in the registration form using your correct
details and wait for some minutes. You will get
SMS notification from us that you have been
matched to pay a member, login to your account
and you will see the account details of your
match that you should pay. Make payment to
your match bank account and send Proof of
Payment(POP) to us through whatsapp/
telegram/email or just scroll down this page and
look out for the livechat image that you will see
at the bottom right of this page, just click on it
and it will open, input your username, name and
upload your proof of payment in form of
attachment then click SUBMIT . Upon receipt and
confirmation by us, your account will be upgrade
to GH without any delay. We normally match
members between 7am – 9pm everyday & any
registration done after 9pm, such member will be
matched by the following day.
1. You need to have 10,000naira (or more) ready
at hand
2. You need to have access to internet banking/
ATM transfer /be able to make payment to your
match in less than 6hours after that you are
matched. Deadline to make payment to your
match will be shown on your dashboard and will
also be included in the SMS notification that will
be sent to you.
Question: How can I join & makes money with
moneyland ?
Answer: To join is very simple, just CLICK HERE
to register & fill the form with your correct
Question: How will I be matched to PH?
Answer: You will get SMS notification from us
that you have been matched, just login to your
account and you will see the name, bank
account, phone number of who you should pay.
Question: When should I pay my match?
Answer: You are to pay your match before the
deadline contained in the SMS notification sent
to you, the deadline will also be displayed on
your dashboard. Failure to make payment to your
match before deadline will makes your account
to be deactivated.
Question: What is the meaning of ‘Payment
Answer: ‘Payment Deadline’ simply means the
stipulated time that you have to donate to your
match i.e if you are given 1pm as Payment
Deadline it means that you must make payment
to your match before 1pm
Question: If I failed to make payment before the
Payment Deadline, what will happen?
Answer: Failure to make payment to your match
before the Payment Deadline will makes your
account got deactivated
Question: If I am ready to Provide Help after that
my account was deactivated, what should I do?
Answer: All you have to do is to notify the admin
and your account will be activated again.
Question: I wish to donate more than 10,000naira
because I want to make more money, how can I
do that?
Answer:Its very simple, just open as many
account that will add up to the amount that you
wish to donate i.e if you wish to donate 50,000,
just open 5 different accounts with the same
name but different username.
Question: Will I Get Help on all my account if I
have more than one account?
Answer: Yes, you will Get Help on all of your
account provided that you Provide Help on all of
the account.
Question: When will I Get Help after that I Provide
Answer: You will start to Get Help between the
same day that you Provide Help to 5days.
Question: How can I contact support if I have
Answer: You can contact us for queries &
assistance by using the contact form on the
contact page/email [email protected] or
send us SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram message to
our number 09069926421 ( NO CALLS PLEASE!!! )
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