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“Perfect Wealth” Login & Register , The declaration and the willingness to donate help in any package is a perfect deal made after which the system will match you automatically with another member of the Perfectwealth Community to make payment to.

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After confirmation you will be eligible to get paid 200% within 1hour. Make sure you have a mobile means of payment to make transaction easier and faster as your waiting time is dependent on the queue before you after confirmation of our donation to a participant.

HOW IT WORKS is a naira peer-to-peer donation platform where members voluntarily give and receive donations. It is a community of like-minded members who are interested in donating to each other.

You get the opportunity to willingly and randomly donate to any member. was founded by a team of expert multi-level network specialists who wished to create a platform that can be used to raise funds not just for the survival of humans, but for other humanitarian services.
To stand as a bridge between the rich and the poor so as to balance the unjust social system
Pay ₦ 5000 and Earn ₦ 10000
Pay ₦ 10000 and Earn ₦ 20000
Pay ₦ 20000 and Earn ₦ 40000
Pay ₦ 25000 and Earn ₦ 50000
Pay ₦ 50000 and Earn ₦ 100000
Pay ₦ 100000 and Earn ₦ 200000


NGstudents Team Cares….. 

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