JAMB 2017/2018 Registration Problems/Complaints – Report Here for solutions


We’re calling on any JAMB candidate, who has
successfully registered for the JAMB 2017 UTME,
and has collected his/her e-slip as evidence of
Please, your brothers and sisters are finding it
difficult to complete their own registration and
over 1.5 million candidates are expected to
register for this exam.
If you have successfully registered (and collected
your e-slip), please share your experiences here
and if there was any special procedure you
adopted to help you register quickly.
You are also free to share the exact and active
Accredited JAMB CBT centre that you registered
Any information you share on this thread about
registration will be valued.
For those who are yet to register, BEFORE YOU
HEAD OUT, update yourself also by getting LIVE
Updates from successful candidates at the
JAMB Registration Situation Report 2017 Room


  1. I have problem in JAMB registration due to invalid PIN. The pin given to me by unity bank Bodija Ibadan Oyo state is
    931314843170. Kindly give me a valid PIN for my JAMB 2017 registration. PLS.

  2. The bank couldn’t print out thd PIN for me. I was told to go and check my e-mail but I still didn’t find the PIN there. Check inbox and spam.

  3. to be frank if the person that brought up this stressful style of registration doesn’t groin in pains the people head that is feeling pain head will not stop fighting how can somebody register for jamb for 3 days and still not get the registration done am fed up big time the cbt center still dey use soldier fight us is it good well if them hear say them burn jamb cbt centre don’t let it come as a suprise…..them just dey insult us anyhow at Akure cbt centre via state libary

  4. 4 over 1 week I have NT yet resive my pin 4orm a center I registered at madalla air-max center. On my Gmail my profile has been created but my pin has NT been sent to me d energy of d center is telling me day is jamb day is holding my pin

  5. me 2 I have paid for jamb registration at zenith bank since tuesday 28th march but it couldn’t print my pin at that time ,they say that I have to for a moment they sent via gmail up to now I have gotten nothing pls help.

  6. I have not been able to register because of exploitation. here the only center in kogi central is taxing us N7500 to do registration. and my brother I don’t the money.

  7. pls I paid jamb money in jaiz bank I registration at the same time with my brother after 2days I collect pin from the bank but me and my brother gives us thesame pin we complained at bank but always banks tell to coming back tomorrow pls we need ur help how we can do

  8. Please u said jamb can now choose two public University….. And I have registered already before this change.. So what should I do??

  9. Please u said jamb can now choose two public University….. And I have registered already before this change.. So what should I do now about choosing my own second public University

  10. i made a successful registration, but i have and issue. there’s a mistake in my subject conbination, please can it be changed?

  11. please people are having a problem with shimen global concept cbt center kakuri kaduna state.
    Some people have passed two weeks but the haven got a registration because Corruption is too much please try and help people that are there we need ur help.

  12. my registration was successful but due to d printer problem DAT was why d slip was not printed to me …but I was told I would see it on my email,which up til now I haven’t see anything,as some 1 experience dix

  13. pls i pay for Jamb utme form At Skye bank ile-ife oau since 28/3/2017 and since den I have not received my pin .pls I beg what should I do I always go to the bank everyday and their is
    no change

  14. I submitted my jamb registration but i get a problem about my combination instead of eng,maths,chem,phys but the registrar make me mistake instead of physic he will replace with music and now i want to change.

  15. Pls help, my picture appeared in another persons data, ie his name and all his info, is there, but instead of his picture to show, its my own picture dat appeared. , Pls help

  16. I generated my pin from Jazz bank with my email before creating a jamb profile, but now that I am trying to register , it ’s saying invalid pin , jamb send a message to my mail that my transaction is still pending , please what do I do ?

  17. on my choice of institution ,on my institution type _degree _ 1 ND awarding _1 NCEawarding _1 innovative enterprise institute_1 , which was supposed to b 2 degree 1 ND 1innovative enterprise,so why is mind different.

  18. there is a middle name on my profile,but there is no middle name on my certificate and jamb pin does its have any effect pls help.

  19. I registered my e-mail address using my name and my brother name instead of my father name. but when filling my surname it was been download by my name and my brothers name instead of my Father’s name. pls how can I correct this mistake before exam.

  20. ICT at Bowen University, Iwo yet to receive code to access your mock site. We parents have been waiting for hours. Do something please.

  21. there is a middle name on my profile.but there is no middle name on my certificate and my jamb pin,does its have any effect or will it affect me during admission pls help.

  22. i earlier submitted my email:gracesunday884@yahoo.com to you, for corresponse, but it is not working. pls forward all correspondense to gracesunday884@gmail.com, in other information remain valid, thank you.
    pin vending receipt
    receipt no. 8313, amount: 5,500 date:3/22/2017 name: Grace Sunday
    email: gracesunday884@yahoo.com phone no:09026292112
    payment type: UTME pin: 189014979941

  23. i earlier submitted my email:gracesunday884@yahoo.com to you, for your corresponse, but it is not working, pls forward all correspondense to gracesunday884@gmail.com, all other information remain valid, thank you.
    pin vending receipt
    receipt no: 8313 amount: 5,500 date: 3/22/2017 name: Grace Sunday
    email: gracesunday884@yahoo.com phone no: 09026292112
    payment type: UTME pin: 189014979941

  24. I paid money for pin at Zenith bank instead of them paying the money to my email they wrote my email wrongly and the pin they gave me is not t working on my main email I go and complained to them, they taught of doing something for it but all till now nothing is been done what can I do

  25. what of those who bought the vendin pin with some one email address still the jamb has not say anything to them nothing done by the commission

  26. I have Done my registration and I have not gotten the link to print out my registration slip and I have been given my registration number and it a week now

  27. pls my school has about 154 candidates and in abuja(boarding) and we we’re going in badges because of WAEC. on friday we got to our center to register and were shocked with the info that no more center in abuja infact the only place the say was minna and lokoja! pls is there any hope of opening up abuja? we are stranded!

  28. I Have Registered For Jamb At Cbt Centre But When I Went To A Cafe To Print Out My Slip,i Couldn’t Find It On My Email

  29. the email I registered with wasn’t the email that was on my reg slip. and I haven’t received any message from jamb and my created jamb profile isnt helping issues too. am just too confused please help

  30. Candidates who registered at Zero Limit in Calabar, are yet to be issued the Reading text and Syllabus. Zero Limit claims that JAMB hasn’t issued out those documents to them but other centers having been issuing out the documents to registered candidates.

  31. Over two week ago Plz o have register for jamb and have did my thumbprint but av nt recieve any message on my mail abt my registration deatails and my registration number but av recive msg on my payment nd pin

  32. Over two week ago Plz o have register for jamb and have did my thumbprint but av nt recieve any message on my mail abt my registration deatails and my registration number but av recive msg on my payment nd pin

  33. Over two week ago Plz o have register for jamb and have did my thumbprint but av nt recieve any message on my mail abt my registration deatails and my registration number but av recive msg on my payment nd pin plz I need your help o

  34. about 3wks ago, i paid for jamb reg fee at zenith bank convenant university branch ota. but since then I was unable to see my e-pin. the bank officials told me that jamb did not release my e-pin. what can I do again now?

  35. i dont know what’s wrong, i have registered for jamb 2017/2018 and it was successful, i logged into my jamb page and was able to see my jamb printable slip, after some days when i logged in again but couldn’t find the printable page, i saw that the CBT centre service charge is pending, when i already paid and have been registered

  36. The assurance was that by April 25th that i will receive via my email,my reprint detail.but uptill i haven’t seen any as such, WHY?

  37. i registered since 12 April and im yet to receive an email of confirmation does it mean the registration was unsuccessful ?

  38. my jamb email account is giving me problem how can I verify my account please help me out am confuse please help me out I don’t want to fail my jamb please thank u sir

  39. Hi, I did my jamb registration with an email and I cannot remember the password. what am I suppose to do since our examination slip is to be sent through it. Pls I need help.

  40. Please I used an invalid E-mail address unknown to me for registration. I am having issues receiving informations from Jamb. I have valid email now but don’t know how to change it in my portal. Thanks

  41. Pls brain point at no 98 Ondo street in Lagos is not good centre, they are not organize,the mock exam held there was too bad,so many problems,most people didn’t finish there exam.pls Dont make that school a jamb centre.

  42. my utme correction of subjects I paid for is not opening….why….coz once ah click on the correction of utme subjects it will say that payment hasn’t been made…why?

  43. plsss help. i av successfully created my account and successfully registered for jamb. bt i am unable to view my account with the right password and email with my phone plss whats wrong.

  44. Ave being checking my email for reprinting of my exam date but nothing yet. While d person I reg. B4 with dsame system has printed his own. Anybody with similar problem?

  45. I haven’t received any messages on my jamb date in my yahoo mail
    It’s bothering me and I don’t know if there’s a problem
    With mine or there are others

  46. Please I’ve reprinted my slip and I’ve gotten my exam date and time but the center which I was given are on Curfew, the curfew was specially for females and my exam date is Saturday 13th May,2017 time: 1:30pm my center name is Zeekay schools, Agbede at Ikorodu, please help me out i don’t know what to doThis is the news about the ritual Sir/Ma
    The community leaders of Gberigbe in the Ikorodu axis of Lagos have
    announced plans to commence the traditional ‘Oro’ in the community and
    its environs. The development is due to the alleged imminent invasion
    of the community by serial ritualist group, Badoo.
    The ‘Oro’ according to the community leaders is to ward off the
    invasion by the fearless Badoo gang that have wreaked havoc in Ibeshe,
    Olu Odo, Ahmadiyya and other parts of Ikorodu in the past.
    The planned curfew is scheduled to commence from tomorrow, Thursday,
    May 4 to Saturday, May 13, 2017 at Gberigbe and its environs.
    According to a message obtained by InsideMainland, the ‘Oro’ activity
    would hold at different times including day and night.
    ALSO READ: Family of three wiped out by ritaulists in Ikorodu
    The message reads: “This is to inform the general public that the
    Gberigbe Community announces the commencement of “Oro” activity at
    Gberigbe and its environs from Thursday, May 4 to 13 2017 at different
    times both day light and nights. According to them, the activity is to
    ward off the imminent invasion of their Community by a syndicate
    popularly referred to as “BADOO”. Please be carefully if you must pass
    through the axis especially females.”
    This planned curfew is coming weeks after the State Commissioner of
    Police, Fatai Owoseni alleged that monarchs in Ikorodu are rooted in a
    ‘conspiracy of silence’ over the continuous attacks in the community.
    You would also recall that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode through the Hon.
    Muslim Folami, Commissioner Local Government and Community Affairs
    read a riot act to monarchs in the State.
    – LASG

  47. please help me. I registered for jamb on April 4 i received message through my email and my confirmation slip. as from then I have not received any message. on exams date and time. all my friends that we registered together they received there own. i still check my email this morning nothing is there. thank you Sir

  48. I paid for jamb2017 form and obtain a PIN,up till now they has been showing invalid, I have to travel from Lagos to Benue to the bank I paid to verify my payment, jamb exams start tomorrow, and am yet to complete my registration,what will I do now

  49. I wrote my jamb on the 13th,Saturday,I had 15 minutes left on my system but the officials ddnt let us finish. They put off the plant and told us to leave. And I was jxt starting wit my English language examination. This is unfair and wicked.i centre was james Welsh grammar school. My examination was supposed to b 1:30pm bt they delayed us and I wrote by after 7:00pm.you guys are playing with people’s future with this disorganised system. If a school can’t effect the CBT exams we’ll, don’t give them the responsibility please. I need help, I was robbed of my time and couldn’t answer my English

  50. I went to Anambra yesterday which was sartuday 13 of may to write my jamb..in the process most computers were having service problem..therefore I had to wait till someone has to finish with their paper..because that was wat the invigilators asked me to do…after patiently waiting..I then got to start writing in not less than 30 minutes my computer triped off while I still had 1hr 30minutes to write…I had to find out wat was happening then I got to know that the jamb official who was a lady tripped it off bcause she had to go…we were up to ten candidates this particular thing happened to,the center owners were pleading but she still refused…i want to protest to jamb based on what happened…So how can I do so

  51. My center was in Anambra state university aguleri….u guys should help us…this is unfair….u guys should ask and make amends please

  52. My center was in Anambra state university aguleri at igbariam..I started by 7am……u guys should help us…this is unfair….u guys should ask and make amends please

  53. Plsss my time is by 9:00 am. Bt I heard dat dere is no 9:00. Dey also said if ur time is 9:00 den it is 7:00 bt I want u 2 clear dat

  54. Good afternoon Ma/Sir.couldnt get the date of my exam earlier before the jamb examination date.i missed my jamb on the first day of the exam because of the late information..please can Jamb have mercy and allow us to write with others before the exam ends.thanks for you kindness

  55. JAMB please help! My name is Adam Shuaibu with registration number 77021001BI, Examination number C47301230, Centre number C47301, Seat number 230, Examination town Minna and Examination Centre name is; Up Surge Investment Limited, No. 1 Morris Fertilizer Road, Minna, Niger State. I missed my JAMB examination and it wasn’t my fault. I registered on the 24/04/2017, I have been checking since after my registration for the 2017/2018 JAMB Examination but until today Monday 15/05/2017 that I got my print slip of my Examination date as 13/05/2017 which is gone. I went to the Niger State Coordinator and presented my complaint but all he says to me is there is nothing he can do about it rather I should write to the JAMB registrar to forward my complaint which that is what I am doing. Please JAMB, come to my rescue on this situation. I will be glad if my complaint is giving due and speedy attention, thank you.

  56. Hello,

    Please I have a problem concerning my exam date. I wasn’t sent the exam date through my email and my phone.
    So by this, I missed my paper which was supposed to have been written since Saturday which is 13/05/2017.
    Please, what to do

  57. Hello,

    Please I have a problem concerning my exam date. I wasn’t sent the exam date through my email and my phone.
    So by this, I missed my paper which was supposed to have been written since Saturday which is 13/05/2017.
    Please, what to do.

  58. Good morning, I am Edward Victorhez, a
    candidate of UTME 2017,I had my
    examination on Saturday being 13th of may, I
    was posted to
    Aguleri,Bintle computer centre,st Joseph high
    school,under IGBARIAM,
    our exam stipulated 7:00am,but after the risk we
    all took to that
    center ,at a point the exam finally commenced
    almost 9:00am,we all
    came early and when we got there,every where
    seem that exam will not
    host there,because everything was unkept and
    the hall was not arranged
    properly, knowing that exam will take place by
    that 7;00am,.when we
    kicked off with the exam,we encountered
    unappreciated problems, our
    system hanged or seized to work after we have
    logged in,and this
    repeated several times in the hall,we felt like
    crying, as the system
    seized our time didn’t seized rather it was
    moving perfectly fast,at a
    point the system will be relieve or come to
    normal state,surprising
    part was that ,as we were Battling with the
    faulty system, the
    engineer that was there told us to summit,we
    felt like beating the
    man,because they were unprepared, everything
    was not organized, at the
    end I was able to answer only 2 subjects
    completely, and other 2
    subjects unfinished, due to this menace,we
    waited and expected the
    press to come to demonstrate our feeling, but at
    the end,we didn’t see
    them, is not high time we stop this CBT, and use
    our normal system of
    writing with paper ,because Nigeria is not fully
    modernized and faulty
    systems is the problem we are having, you
    people will not understand
    exactly the problems we passed through and
    how we fill right now,we
    are highly upset,after all my daily studies and
    hardworking attitudes,
    i was not able to achieved my high target at this
    jamb due to system
    failure filled with fault,and unorganized centre,I
    am very upset about
    this menace. You people should do something
    oh……….,please we are
    extremely tiered and weak of this repeating
    faults that calls for
    failure, and those that has the great ambition to
    study and gain
    admission ,will not gain it.

  59. Pls i have being waiting for a message in my email box, or my phone. From Jamb to know when i we be writer my onw exam, i did not see any message i done know the cost.

  60. the number I used to register my jamb is misplaced. and am yet to receive my score since Saturday. also trying to check online but d reply is the page is unavailable.
    so what’s happening?

  61. Yesterday being 15th May 2017 @
    St Charles Catholic technology nguru Mbaise had a technical issues about 500+candidate including me 1:30paper started by 7:30pm immediately we logged in we where unable to press *N* which is next question, and our time was reading, no help the next thing everyone system shot down….. That was how we saw it up till now we are still there no feedback.
    Please jamb find a way to help us

  62. pls i am scheduled to write my exam at socrates college aromaradu adeta ilorin time:1:30 pm last saturday but a host of us could not write d exam due to server problem nd system failure,we were told we wud be sent another centre nd tym,but it has nt been sent since then please help me!!!!!

  63. Please,my system was hanging,so,i had to be refreshing it whenever the mouse malfunctions and the system as well. Other candidates exhausted their time although some candidates experience the same problems,but i had up to 24 minutes when my system shut down. Please,i hope that Jamb will do something nice concerning such cases like this,or at least give some marks like they did last year.

    • sori dear….i just gat dsame problem as ur
      what i am sayinq is dat….if der is anyway jamb can help..plz der should

  64. Today in our jamb center uthman bin Affan school kaduna state. My time for the jamb exams was 9.00am but we started the exams around after 4 after one hour twenty minutes into the exam there was power failure we didn’t even get the time to submit. So am asking what will be our fate are we rewriting if so when. Thank u

  65. I went to check my jamb result(wrote on 15th)….its showing “i did not write this examination”…. pls i need help ASAP

  66. I wrote jamb at oseni elamah institute a t auchi in Edo state on the first day we faced many problems ranging from server breakdown meanwhile my time was still counting and I lost up to 30mins of my time which was enough to answer a whole subject and now they are sending us low scores…jamb that day was not about knowledge but luck because no matter your knowledge you cannot stop your computer from going off, losing network, slow network worst still your time never stoped counting all this while…..oseni elamah was scrapped as a center last year because of all these and I dont know why jamb still posted people there whearas it is not listed among jamb centres on their websites there. I hope this gets to jamb. the exam we were supposed to start 7am started at about 10:30am infact am so fed up now.. …

  67. I need my JAMB 2017 result. I wrote since on Saturday but i haven’t seen my result. they keep telling me I have no result yet

  68. Sir please help me, I’m AKAAYAR SUNDAY. I wrote Exam last year2016 the analysis and total scores were ( 176) I thought it was my effort that I couldn’t make it. This year2017 is still thesam scores (176) I’m seen as total scores (176) even though I made changes of subjects this year2017 but it still thesam scores. I’m already praying to hang myself to death as well, because it is not fair. I’m praying for the person behind all this and hang myself to receive a better life.
    PLEASE HELP ME. Rg/no:75210584EF

  69. pls those candidates that wrote jamb on wednesday 17 day of May 2017 at st. augustine udiuno uwani-akpugo enugu state center 2 at 9’0clock that experienced a general system breakdown that day should pls call me on this number as fast as possible before the end of 2day – 09027339497… pls it will do u good if u call me as soon as possible………. i am anticipating for ur calls

  70. this year jamb is really trash they cant even provide sound system for students….. imagine i used up to 6 system none of them was working acurrately the systems where all hanging, was log out exactly 42 as exams started how is it posible that i can meet up were i waited for a student to finish for me to continue my exam jamb really have to do something about this problems because it really unfair to me and other student that face thesame problems

  71. I wrote jamb on Monday and the results are out. But mine isn’t out. When I finished writing on Monday I clicked submit and it kept on telling me please wait because there was no network. I was told to leave that it would submit
    pls is this true…..Reply immediately

  72. Am Isaac please I did my jamb on 13th may 2017 7:00am at NIEPA laje road ondo . I encountered a serious problem that day which led to my failure when we got to niepa we we’re first delayed before we started the examination( 2)the calculator was malfunctioning (3)my computer logged out when I still have close to 60minutes and the supervisor and technician there said they can’t do anything about it due to this I was unable to finish my work but its not only me that encountered this problem.on behalf of all the candidates that did their jamb on 13th may 2017 at NiEPA laje road ondo center 2 we urge Mr oloyede to please find something to this our problem for the sake of his CREATOR GOD ALMIGHTY to please help us. thanks

  73. serious system failure for those who wrote on 13th of May,Saturday. Please look into it,because mosts results for those who wrote that day were bad. same thing happened last year.it won’t be fair tho Saturday students

  74. We have passion for education and still yet they are not giving answer to our request.. Are we all 100 % perfect??? I asked… We missed exam date and jamb bodies are not ready to give remedies to any one , they should please give us all candidates that missed the first exam date second chance. We purchase the form with our sweat earns, I was having serious stomach ache this particular 13th may,2017 morning….Before I could reach the exam venue at ladoke Akintola university ogbomoso from ilorin,I was told the exam is concluded for that day,many others out their have genuine reason like me for missing this exam..nobody don’t want to be successful.kindly please fix us another date …let try and do the exam even if fail..we are all going to no we but fail than not to attempt at all…please we are begging you.. Please have mercy on us tootoo.thanks

  75. pls oo i cant write my exam due to d error in thumbprint……pls jamb help me,to re shedule a date wen i can write d exam pls

  76. jamb am not.satisfied wit my jamb 2017 score plz do something…..i am sure of my answers….is lik computer marked me wrongly

  77. must of d system have being falling us and seriously jamb have to help us in any way they can help ,becoz must of our scores are not impressive

  78. My System Too Hang I Was Just Refreshing With F5
    But I Know My God.
    I Know Am aLready In The University..
    Coz This Jamb Is Not About What You Know.
    Is Grace!!!!

  79. Please we need a fast reply i wrote my jamb at oni in ogun state institute of petrol oil and gas and till now i have not seen my result. Please i want jamb officials to see to my case

  80. We cry out seriously!!!!! We call on all prospective candidate who fail tha cut offmark of jamb this year from 150 to 170 should please pass this message till senate see this message…. Jamb should either add mark or reduce the cut offmark for us to secure addmission this year because we rilly suffer during our jamb registration and later we fail, this cannot be possible wallahi…. Please pass this message if you are backing for this jamb stuff of lower score #istandwith add mark or reduce the cut offmark ☝ߏ뢘ݰߏ뢘ݰߏ뢹 jamb candidate 2017

  81. I wrote jamb on saturday 13th of may 2017 at college of education afaha nsit Akwa ibom state,but up till today i have not seen my result,have checked and they keep telling me “you do not have any result yet”please help me

  82. the students that wroteon Saturday 13 may at Alor Anambra state encountered a serious technical problems… some students even wrote by 9:oopm and then till todat they haven’t seen their result

  83. Good afternoon please i need your help.
    I missed the day I am meant to do my exam. Because I did not see my center on time. Please i help.

  84. I am peter ekitei Idatubo I wrote my jamb exam on Monday but my result isn’t out yet, I’ve tried checking plenty of times. Please help me out.

  85. I wrote my CBT exam on Monday and my result has not been sent…people who wrote on Thursday has seen theirs… what’s happening

  86. I wrote my utme examination on May 16 but unfortunately, five days after the examination I am yet to see my result. Each time I check my result what I see is ‘You didn’t register for this examination. ‘ This is laughable!

  87. For six days after my jamb exam.My result have not been uploaded. why CU’s am fricking out. can som
    e one help me please.

  88. I registered successfuly and the examination but unable to see my result.that I didn’t register for the examination. Pls.help me because I meet all necessary requirements and the examination at my center.

  89. I wrote mi jamb on Tuesday nd now I checked MI result it’s showing 162 I can’t just believe MI eyes ,jamb shuld Plssssss find a solution 2 dis problem Ooo bcus nw I dnt knw were 2 start frm

  90. when I checked my jamb result it was 285 and I already printed it but when I wanted to show it to my friend online it has already changed to 195 please help oo

  91. please sir, my centre is at ibadan jamb zonal office at agodi G.R.A, am among the first candidate that sit for the exam on the 13th of may 2017 but our system was faulty for hours,it keep repeating NO EXAM FOR YOu and we are told to go back home after dropping our details,they promised to call us back as soon as possible to resit the exam but since on the 13th until now no news from them and we are all worried…pls let something be done

  92. sir, I wrote my exams on 13th May 2017. With the registration or exams No: 77116106hh/lenndoh2016@naij Seat No: 111 . profile password: 123456789 But have not seen my result. Please help me send the result. I will be gratefull. Thanks.

  93. I have issue with my computer in my center and 45mins was wasted for my time and I am a science student my score was poor because of my time

  94. pls i need 40 mark pls help me, i score 163 and this is my first time writing jamb i dont what to repeat it again pls help me jamb and i supose to write this on saturday which the first day of exam the system disapoint us i spend a lot of money going there every day but finally we wrote on tueday but i score 163 pls jamb i need 40 mark pls…….

  95. Pls I have complete d registration of my own, but my problem is dat, since last week, anytime I want to reprint d information will nt come out, nd sometimes it will says dat u did not registered for dis exam. Now I dnt know my centre nd exam date. Pls help me

    • Sir when are we going to write our exam. Because I couldn’t write my own due to some certain situations. At the area and center I was fixed in. I really need your help.

  96. I even thought of killing myself…after all my preparetion I couldn’t write much cus of the socalled system ….God am really tired since 7 years ..

  97. UTME 2017 I can’t access my result
    Reg no 76980294BG
    Exam no C41910041
    Seat no 041
    I have try many times to check my result and it keeps telling me that i didn’t register for the exam. 
    Secondly I find out that my examination    number in REGISTRATION SLIP is different from that of EXAMINATION SLIP
    As follows 
    examination slip              Registration slip
    Red no 76980294BG           76980294BG
    Exam no C41910041.          C092XX015
    Centre no C41910.             C092XX
    Seat no 041.                           015
    Please  what do I do.thanks

  98. pls i wrote jamb this year in my english i think they is an error in my english language i scored 37 also i scored 57 in my physics when i was expecting nothing less than 90 pls i want u to implore jamb to remark my scripts again.sincerely it is painful after burning midnight candle

  99. Good morning to you, pls am having serious problem with my children’s JAMB issue which suppose to come up on Saturday 13 of May which was abortive due to technical problem, in which I was unable to print out their photo cards to know their centres and later succeeded the following day 15 of May Sunday,Please all my effort to get the meaningful through JÀMB was meaningless ——-Please am l going to do because l don’t want to waste this year their names are Sanwoolu Morenikeji and Olusola Blessing; Examination Centre is at Ikorodu.

  100. I wrote my exam on Saturday 13th,but I have seen my result. anytime I check it write no result yet. while other candidates who wrote that same day has seen theirs. I am scared.

  101. I’m among the candidate that register for Jamb, and I’m opportune to print out my slip, but the problem is that, I’m be able to write my exam due to the problem of thumbprint that I face on the day of my exam. I heard that jamb will send us a new examination slip for us to write the exam, but up to know I didn’t see any new slip for our exams, that is why I write this text for the actual truth of the matter. bye

  102. i wrote my exam on 15th of may being monday at st augustine ndiuno uwani akpugo and am yet to see my result each time i checked it keep telling me that i did not have result yet pls what go wrong at that center?

  103. please have written my exam since 18th of this month which is last week Thursday and have not seen my result please help me am really confused. please help me out

  104. i wrote my jamb on the 16th of this month.yet i ve not seen my result ..they keep telling me that there is no result for me yet…right now am confused cos i dont knw what to do again…pls help me out..i sat nd wrot by myself.nd this is my first jamb attempt…pls am pleading…

  105. Sir please I wrote my exam on 15th still haven’t seen my result don’t know what to do.kindly help me out…reg no:75491662DC.itz been saying you do not have a result yet

  106. I HV been checking my result but have nt see it up till now 30th may ……… if I login it will reply not yet out, I don’t know d problem

  107. please i would like my result to be reviewed and marked a. i think there is an issue with the marking system. In biology i didnt fail up to 10 but was shocked to see 58. Physics and english where not left out. I will be grateful if this is giving consideration and the exact marks awarded. Thanks

  108. i wrote my exam in ogitech and during the exam the light offed and all d student with destop time about 47mins went like that ana the jamb invigilator said they will submit it with the report but till now all of us avent seen any magic and our results marks are low

  109. Dear jamb
    I am writing this comment to express my indebt disappointment on this cbt exams conducted on Wednesday 3 weeks ago my result hasn’t come out even upon the 24hrs time given I am calm now because of patience when I can’t wait again I personally will sue jamb to court and get my recompensation just don’t give me my result and see my next line of action

  110. Good day sir. I wrote my jamb exam on 15th at kindle e asero and have not seeing my result. I was told to be a little patience. Those when complaint together have seen theirs. But could not find mine. Please help sir

  111. I have a problem with my results I ought to score more than that (205) my centre is Rufus giwa polythenic ICT directorate KM4 akure-benin express way own ondo state. May 17 9:00 my name is Adeyemo azeez adeyemi DOB NOVEMBER 21 2000 gender:male. state/LGA: OSUN/BORIPE phone number /email: 08057179676/azeezadeyemo57@yahoo.com Pls keep me updated

  112. I had already finished up my Nd n polytechnic….so how come will i failed jamb by scoring 172…..its impossible for me to failed jamb….please this is my last opportunity because i was been sponsor to school….please jamb i beg you to check my work and do someting about my result….may God bless you Sir/ma….Reg No.75359318ED email.charlesrichard799@gmail.com Exam no. C19102129

  113. please sir the screening is it online or will they demand your physical presence ,and pls tell me the requirements for 2017/2018 screening help me out pls

  114. please sir the screening is it online or will they demand your physical presence ,and pls tell me the requirements for 2017/2018 screening help me out pls

  115. please i have problem concerning the payment of my admission letter pritting through e-invoice. I got a reply saying transaction blocked. Also, the year on my admission status in my jamb profile is nt showing 2017 but 2016. Please help me with it.


  117. pls sir, am Ojo faith olawumi from Delta state, I wrote my jamb exam on the 16th of may 2017 and today is 8 of June 2017 and I haven’t see my result yet. pls help me because am feed up .God Bless You Sir

  118. I wrote on 18 may buh up till now no result yet is what I see… some of the students is the cause of this lingering crisis some of them paid people to write for them ..my system is very good no worries at all but result still pending

  119. I have tried changing my course on the jamb portal but I keep getting 2016 jamb not 2017 .is there a problem or am I doing something wrong?

  120. Pls jamb cancel ampez center located in ph eliozu they cheated especially Wednesday morning paper……. U guys should check them

  121. It was very difficult for me to locate my center …. Before I could…. They’d already thumb printed in and exam started….. I pleaded and pleaded and the hard hearted yoruba man in charge of the centre refused ….. My center ….. Giant Immaculate schools aba …. 48 dikenafai road aba …. Please I’m I eligible to rewrite?

  122. I have done my jamb reregulization since April 19,2017 and till this moment the new jamb registration number has not been send to me. pls what is really going on?

  123. morning Pls kindly help me out I have paid for my jamb reregulization since April 19, 2017 and I have been checking my mail to get new pin but still I have not receive any message

  124. please my jamb my register for jamb april 19th till now my jamb pin has not been sent to my email please i wan to use it for regularization for my nysc please reply me i paid 10000 for d jamb

  125. please sir if my center have a problem with jamb officer is there why they refuse let me have mi score that i should rewrite

  126. Av paid 12k for late regularization since April and up till now i haven’t gotten my new jamb pin.pls i need ur help.


  128. Sir, my name is Olorunfemi Gbenga Shadrach, with Jamb registration number of 76044008EF. They cancelled my center due to technical problem, my exam center is (GREENFIELD CBT center,railway compound, Port Harcourt, River state. Jamb refused to sent me text and email to rewrite the exam on the 1st July. But they sent text and email to other candidate in my center. And my result was removed from Jamb portal. So what can I do now. Thanks

  129. I wrote my jamb on the 18th of May, I didn’t see my result, jamb sent me a message saying my jamb has been rescheduled that I will be rewriting 1st of July 7:00 am, after all this I haven’t still gotten any result yet pls can someone explain to me what’s happening. I will really appreciate it if I can get a response. Thanks

  130. PLZ ma/sir I have written my exam since last week Saturday which is July 1st 2017, but yet to see my jamb score. PLZ Help me to check 75792009CE

  131. Hello jamb i write my jamb exams snc 8 of may i did not see my result yet what is the problem pls help me my reg no 75556251HB thanks

  132. Hello Admin. on the Regularize Application for I am Asked to enter “Previous Jamb Registration Number” I don’t understand coz no REGISTRATION NUMBER was sent to me. help me

  133. hello Admin, I made a payment to the bank after generating my RRR code for the change of course/institution form but I have been unable to continue with the registration everywhere I go…pls help

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