Advertisements – How To Register And Login Account fast JUST LAUNCHED – Login &
Register , The system is designed to
automatically merge other users to pay you. Get
200% of your donation within 3 days or less.
REVIEW : Login & Register

When you Join, you will need to donate the sum
of either N10000 to a fellow member assigned by
the system and the member will then confirm
your donation and then the system will
automatically assign two other registered people
under you from spillovers who will also pay you
the joining amount each into your bank account
making 200% (i.e. 200% of N10000 is N20000).
PPEFunds Functions
STEP 1: Create an account with
by clicking on the sign up button. After sign up
you choose a desired package of your choice.
STEP 2: Wait till you are matched with a fellow
participant. Once you are matched you have
24hours countdown to complete payment.
STEP 3: For security reasons, Please pay only to
the account details you see on your dashboard;
and kindly call the receiver before payments to
confirm account details, and after payments to
STEP 4: Once your account has been confirmed
activated, it will be queued in the list of the
accounts that will receive payment from other
members. Getting paired with an account that
will pay to you usually takes 24hours – 74hours
or even less!
NOTICE: On like other networking shceme, These
scheme provides it’s users with a purge button in
case a user fails to make payment, he/she can
be purged out of the system.
To stand as a bridge between the rich and the
poor so as to balance the unjust social system.
To provide a system that will support the need of
our members so as to achieve their financial
goals in life.
Integrity is our core value. We don’t breach our
value for anything. We are fidelity to our value,
we keep to it.
Our Package
Choose the perfect plan to make grow your life
Plan A
₦ 10000 Pay
Earn ₦ 20000
From 1 to 3 Days
Plan B
₦ 20000 Pay
Earn ₦ 40000
From 1 to 3 Days
Plan C
₦ 50000Pay
Earn ₦ 100000
From 1 to 3 Days
Plan D
₦ 75000Pay
Earn ₦150000
From 1 to 3 Days

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