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“Help Clickers” – Login &
Register , Help-Clickers is a community of givers
set up by like minded people to provide financial
support and receive even greater support in turn.
Help-Clickers leverages on a peer to peer
payment system and is built to function with
P2P crowd funding.
important that you participate only with SPARE
CASH! There is no central account that keeps
your moneny, it is strictly peer to peer payment.
Register Now
Who says you have to work for 30 years to be
financially free. We offer a chance to make quick
cash by taking the adequate amount of risk. Earn
money the easy way…
We provide an active support team that will look
into any problems or reported fraudulent
members. Always available 24/7 for the life
circle of the site.
This platform is built with an emphasis and focus
on the users, to ensure that each member has a
good experience as much as is possible.
Join a Clickers Group
Register on Help-Clickers and join a group of
clickers from the available groups based on the
amount of money you can conviently give and
Donate to an Existing Member
After joining a clickers group, the system
automatically pairs you to a member of the
group who is due to recieve a payment… Ensure
you call the person before you pay and upload A
VALID PROOF OF PAYMENT which shows all the
relevant information and is convincing enough.
Any member who uploads a fake Proof of
Payment will be blocked
Get Paid!!!
Within the specified time (5mins to 7 days), two
members from thesame clickers group range will
be paired to pay you. Be sure to confirm them
after you have recieved your money. Any
member who delays confirmation after money
has been paid will also be penalised
Only use your spare cash, so as not to get
stranded in case of any eventuality. As with all
peer to peer crowd funding platforms, there is
the element of risk and no absolute guarantees
Ensure the account you are paying to is included
on the person’s dashboard, to ensure your proof
of payment is valid incase of confirmation issues
Call to be sure the person you are paying to can
confirm your payment immediatly. Do not be rude
to other community members on this site.
As soon as you have been payed, confirm the
payment, any delay will be consisdered
fraudulent, and a breach of the sites terms and
Pledge only money you have at hand and are
ready to play immediately.
This is not a business, there is no central
account that stores your money, it is just peer to
peer payment.
Frequently Asked Questions…
How do i join?
Register on Help-Clickers and chose a package
group from the available packages based an
amount you can afford to give JOIN CLICKERS
How long doesn’t take get paid?
After you have provided help, you get paid a
200% percent return between 5mins to 7 days
Is There a Purge Button?
No there is no purge button because it tends to
be misused. Rather if the person paired to pay
you does not pay or uploads a fake proof of
payment, simply contact our support through live
chat, email, WhatsApp, or by creating a ticket.
You will be re-paired promptly
What About Fake Proof of Payments?
If the person paird to you does not pay or
uploads a fake proof of payment, simply contact
our support through live chat, email, WhatsApp,
or by creating a ticket. You will be re-paired
promptly. That person will be blocked
Registration Limits?
One phone number and email can be used on a
maximum of two accounts. You will be required
to validate your phone number by a confirmation
code that will be sent to your phone via SMS
before your account is activated
What if I Do Not Get the Phone Confirmation
Simply send us a message on WhatsApp or an
SMS with the phone number in question and we
will send you the phone confirmation code
Can I Call the WhatsApp Line?
Calls on the WhatsApp phone line will not be
accepted. Only WhatsApp messages
What About Referral Bonus?
We do not currently offer referral bonus, but the
site can only be kept alive by inflow of people,
so we encourage you to invite your friends to
What Will Happen to Fraudulent Users?
Anyone who uploads a fake POP or is fraudulent
will be blocked from this site and other sites by
blacklisting that individuals Phone Number, Email
and Bank Account

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