Ajayi Crowther University Important Notice To Students 2017

The management of Ajayi Crowther University
wishes to inform all students of the university as
-The use of phones and mobile gadgets by
students in Chapel services is hereby prohibited.
Student’s found defaulting will have their phones
confiscated in addition to other disciplinary
-Students who are yet to resume for the 2nd
Semester will have marks deducted from their
Character Code for every chapel service missed
and days of lectures missed.
-Students who still haven’t resumed by April 2nd
will have the gates of the University shut against
them and would not be allowed entry into the
University. They will be deemed to have absented
themselves for the semester. Parents and
Students should take note.
-There shall be no Easter break. All students are
advised to remain on campus. This decision is
based on the opinion of the Parents and
Sponsors Forum as well as in view of the fact
that the 2nd semester has just commenced.

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