FUTA 2017/2018 Approved JAMB cut off mark For Admission

Federal University Of Technology Akure FUTA

FUTA Approved cut off
mark for 2017/18

The discussion and Analyses here will be
based on FUTA Cut off mark.
We welcome all prospective students of
FUTA to this page and our discussion will be
based on 2017 Admission cut off mark.
Firstly you need to know that the method of
Admission this year will be clearly different
from the previous .
Two factors will be use to determine
candidates that will be consider for
Admission and those that will not be
You need to know the factors and play along
the line before you can secure admission into
your desired school.
Factor One: Jamb
You will need a very good score in jamb to
secure admission into your choice of
Admission is getting competitive everyyear
and only the brave will will win the race.
Candidates will a very good or higher score in
jamb will be consider for Admission before
candidates with poor score.
For a start 220 and above is a good score.
However the score you need is likely to
depend on the selected university
Factor: O level result
Your o level result is also a very important.
Your o level result Carry’s 50 marks and each
grade you have have different marks. For
A may carry 6 mark
B may carry 5 or 4 marks
C will carry 2 marks.
With the analysis above, you will agreed with
me that candidates with too many C in their o
Kevel result will be at disadvantage.
Be wise and smart, if you have too many C in
your o level, kindly go for a non competitive
Feel free to ask any question regarding FUTA
cut off mark


      • pm. plz can sme1 wit 197 get admited into futa 2 study elect-elect. If no.plz wat course can dat person study in futa with 197. i nid ur numba plz. mine z 08107809453

        • maybe Metallurgical and material engineering, FST, fishery and there are many other courses but they are not that good. except for metallurgical and material engineering.

  1. is mechanical engineering a competitive course in futa, and me having 3cs with 2bs can be consider with at least 220 in jamb

  2. Pls i choose futa as first and i had a score of 249 going for Estate managment or Entrepreneurship management technology..but my main concern is that i used two sittings waec n neco..do futa accept waec n neco combination? Although i have another gce result but its full of C’s

  3. weldone sir, that shows the general cut off mark for futa is 200……’what of those who have 193???…. did they have hope????????

  4. i had c althrough and 199 can i go for economics education. and again i stil want to change institution from oau to futa

  5. I scored 250 in jamb with 3c’s and 2b’s in my o’level. am aspiring for civil engineering what is my chance of being admitted? futa

  6. I scored 195 in my jamb,and got C although in my waec and I want to go for elect elect….is it possible to gain admission

  7. can someone dat is 15 years old………..turning 16 years on January next year be granted admission to FUTA????

  8. i have 211 in my UTME with 5b’s and 2c’s …… will i b offered admission into futa for mechanical enginerring?

  9. I scored 242in my jamb and c all through in my o’level result and I choose computer engineering in my jamb would I get admitted into futa

  10. Can someone wit 180 scr in jamb get admision to futa. Pls i nid admision agent noba mine is 09031761468. Pls it urgent

  11. Pls advise on the science course to be done with 199 at FUTA.I put in for Animal Production & Health Services.Thanks.

  12. Sir pls am going for mechanical engineer at futa but I got 195 in jamb and lot of As iiin waec can I still go

  13. sir , I had 216 in jamb and C parallel in olevel what are my chances of getting admission into food science and tech

  14. Sorry! Please,I have 200 in jamb ‘ll I be able to study Biochem or I should just change my course to chemistry or Biomed?

  15. hello, I scored 213 In jamb, am I good to go for food science and technology and Is It a competitive course

  16. M 17 Years Old, I Got 244 In Jamb, 7b’s Nd 2c’s In Waec, I Put In For Mechanical Engineering, Wat Are My Chances

  17. pls I scored 279 in jamb and I had c’s in my o level.is there hope for me to study civil engineering in futa.

  18. plz I got 191 in jamb for microbiology but will still change the institution from OAU to FUTA…is that possible

  19. I scored 154 in my jamb though I tried my best to obtain 240 but am too unfortunate for that but can I be considred?and when is futa screening?

  20. Does Futa offer Computer Engineering? If not,which course are my likely to be given with a Jamb score of 247? In my O’level result I had only one B,the rest is C.

  21. Hello
    I had 206 for jamb nd am applying for geography nd planning can my admission be guaranteed
    And also futa wasn’t in the school of choice BT wanna do change of institution to futa is dat possible

  22. Hello plz I wanna apply for geography nd planning wit 206 in m jamb can my admission be sure?
    And also futa wasn’t in but wanna change institution to futa is dat possible ?

  23. I want to study survey and I had 235 in my jamb exam with C parallel in Waec Gce. Am I advised to stay or not sir

  24. sir, someone with 200 in jamb with 2b,3c in my o’level can he/she be given quantity surveying in futa pls sir help me

  25. Hello,I got 217 in my jamb,this year. The course I applied for is electrical engineering. My o’level result is very y OK,of which I know it would boost my point in the screening aspect. Is it possible for me to gain admission into the school with that?

  26. I get 192 in jamb for 2017 /2018 session and my preferred course is computer science will I be admitted in futa

  27. pls I had 203 in jamb and I had 6C and 3B,nd i want to study mechanical eng.,can i gain admission into futa,if no what course shud i study.

  28. i score 188 in my JAMB nd i wanna study biochem, is it possible?
    if not list d course i will be able to study, tnkz sir

  29. Can someone who for not choose futa in any of is choice and score 168, and wanted to choose new wanted can he do

  30. I scored 273 in my UTME but I’m still unsure of the grades I need to have in my WASSCE before I can enter for Computer Science at FUTA.

  31. I score 168 in my UTME, can I do changing of course and of institute to Futa accounting or any course like banking and finance

  32. Is it possible 4 me with 221 in jamb nd 6 c’s nd 2 b’s in waec gain admission into futa for mechanical engineering

  33. I score 221 in jamb and my o level result is 3 b’s and 2c’s and I wanted to study geology am I good to go and what is my chance of gaining admission in futa

  34. can someone who scored 177 in jamb be admitted to study physics in futa and is physics a competitive
    course thank u

    • i, my name is Festus, am also apply for survey nd geo informatic. u can add my with dis number on whatsapp or facebook.(09034690949)

  35. if u get 225 in jamb and u apply 4 architecture,can u gain admission and is architecture also a competitive course

  36. if u get 225 in jamb and u apply 4 architecture,can u gain admission and is architecture also a competitive course

  37. what’s the cut off mark for estate management?
    is there’s hope to gain admission with 188 for estate management

  38. can someone with 203 with a good grade in o’level study elect elect in futa or is there another engineering course to read

  39. pls i had 209 in jamb and my o’level result is(mathb3,engc6,chemb3,phyc6,bioc4,geoc5,agricb3,civicb3,yorc5)will I be given architecture in FUTA and what is d cut-off mark 4 d course thanks.

  40. Is Architecture A Competitive Course Nd Moreover Candidate Wit C5 AlTru Nd 212 In Jamb Can Dey Be Given Admision In Futa?

  41. sir i score 174 bt my o level is good nd want admission in futa which course would bevpreferable

  42. I have 221 in my jamb and 5’bs and 3’cs and i want to study geology at futa am i good to go and is geology a competitive course at futa

  43. pls i had 234 in my utme,2 B’s and 3 c’s in my O’level nd i want to study Entrepreneurship Management Technology…pls do I have a chance?

  44. My friend have one B in his o level and all d rest are Cs nd he have 223 in his jamb,can he be offered architecture in FUTA?

  45. I got 224 in my Jamb and my O’level result which is Nabteb I had 3a’s and C’s wat is my chance of getting admitted to FUTA cos I chose architecture and FUTA

  46. pls i need advice , i scored 242 in my jamb but i put in for agric engineer but i made a mistake durin subject combination , i surpose to write maths instead i did agric , pls should i change my course to animal production and health or i should leave it maybe dey can stil offered me admission

  47. sir does futa not have putme grading cut off like 54%, 65% nd so on if yes were can i find it or wat is it for mech engine?

  48. will someone wit 173 gain admission and having good o level in math b3, biology b3, chemistry b3, physic c5, to study micro biology

  49. please group. I av 227 in jamb nd 1B nd 4c’s in my olevel… i put in for mechanical engineering in futa. please what chances do i av

  50. Hello!!! pls when is the Sceening form out? If YES then please i need update…If NO i still need update…thanks….weldone keep up the good work. GOD BLESS YOU…

  51. i had 190 in my jamb, 1b, 4c for biochem. but the issue there is that i just want to do changing of institution will futa accept me with that score and grades if i change it to futa?

  52. excuse m sir, I scored 255 in jamb nd in mai O level, I had 1B nd 4cs, I applied for mechanical engineering… wat re mai chances nd am I good to go… intact, tell m aw sure admission is for m

  53. I scored 181 in my jamb,and i av 3 b3 and c4 nd c5 in d remaining.i want to study biochem nd i kw it nw impossible wich course can i change to so i can gain admission in futa

  54. excuse m sir, I scored 255 in jamb nd in mai O level, I had 1B nd 4cs, I applied for mechanical engineering… wat re mai chances nd am I good to go… intact, tell m aw sure admission is for m

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