FUTO Approved JAMB Cut off mark for 2017/18 Admission

Federal University Of Technology Owerri FUTO

FUTO Cut off mark for
2017/18 Admission
The discussion and Analyses here will be
based on FUTO Cut off mark.
We welcome all prospective students of
FUTO to this page and our discussion will be
based on 2017 Admission cut off mark.
Firstly you need to know that the method of
Admission this year will be clearly different
from the previous .
Two factors will be use to determine
candidates that will be consider for
Admission and those that will not be
You need to know the factors and play along
the line before you can secure admission into
your desired school.
Factor One: Jamb
You will need a very good score in jamb to
secure admission into your choice of
Admission is getting competitive everyyear
and only the brave will will win the race.
Candidates will a very good or higher score in
jamb will be consider for Admission before
candidates with poor score.
For a start 220 and above is a good score.
However the score you need is likely to
depend on the selected university
Factor: O level result
Your o level result is also a very important.
Your o level result Carry’s 50 marks and each
grade you have have different marks. For
A may carry 6 mark
B may carry 5 or 4 marks
C will carry 2 marks.
With the analysis above, you will agreed with
me that candidates with too many C in their o
Kevel result will be at disadvantage.
Be wise and smart, if you have too many C in
your o level, kindly go for a non competitive
Feel free to ask any question regarding FUTO
cut off mark


  1. My english_c5, physics_b3, chemistry b3, maths_b3 futhermaths_a1
    Please what score in jamb can get me there?

  2. Pls admin…I want to knw more about Computer Science, if someone gets 204 in his/her jamb,does the person still have hope.
    he got B’s in his Waec subjects?

    pls be descriptive so dt I can understand very well.
    thanks n God bless

  3. Please I have 219 in my jamb my olevel result is English =b3 maths =b3 physics =c5 chemistry =b3 biology =b3. Can I be admitted into electrical engineering

  4. What about Rivers State University Of Science And Technology will i be admitted i score 180 and got b3 in maths and english the rest subjects are c6 ?

  5. pls I HV English B3 maths B2 physicsB3 chemistry B2 and am going for computer science and my jamb is 196

  6. I have 180 in my jamb and b3 in maths physics biology and english then c4 in chemistry and i am applying for mechanical engineering in F.U.T.O as my first choice will i be admitted? And if yes how am i going to know that i have been admitted will i get message on my email?

  7. please I have 198 in my jamb what course can I possibly be offered with my weace results chemistry b2 physics b2 biology b3 English c6 geo a1

  8. English c5, maths A1, chemistry B3, physics B2, biology C4, civic C5, G.S.M B3. pls sir what’s my faith with 210 in jamb?

    Thanks for your good work

  9. pls is mechanical engineering a competitive course and what should i get in jamb tat will take me to the schootl

  10. I scored 228 and my o level result are engc5,chem c4, bio c6, physicsc6 in neco what are my chances of being admitted into public health dep?

  11. pls i had 227 in 2017 jamb and i intend to study electrical and electronics,what are my chances of gaining admission in futo

  12. I scored 192 in jamb nd my O’level result is very good, can i be offered admission into futo?? mechanical engineering!

  13. i had a score 214 last year and i applied for Architecture at FUTO but i wasn’t granted admission. if I may ask why was I not granted admission?

  14. I got 229 in jamb and applied for Bsc BioChemistry in Futo. I have all Cs in WAEC. Do I stand a chance of admission?

  15. I scored 200 in jamb and seeking for electrical engineering, but without further maths in o’level, do I have a chance of gaining admission in futo

  16. Pls i score 180 in my JAMB & B3 in Maths English Physics & Biology then C4 in Chemistry i chose F.U.T.O as my first choice mechanical engineering as my course what is my fate?

  17. Am going into mechanical engineering, I got B3 in four subjects and 210 in jamb, is there any hope to study the course

  18. i applied for elect elect in futo nd scored 222 in jamb nd got 3b’s nd 1c in waec .hope there is any chance 4 me

  19. I got 199 in jamb and I want to study civil engineer can I have any chance of being admitted my o level result in English c6 math b2 physics b2 geography a1

  20. please sir can you give summary of the cut off marks in your engineering courses to enable make a choice. i scored 217 in my JAMB.

  21. I got c in all my waec result .and I scored 241 in jamb do I have a chance of getting admission into futo to study petroleum engineering

  22. I scored 188 In jamb,my course is civil engineering and my school is Futo my waec I had five B3 except for biology there was no results pls what is my fate?

  23. I scored 184 in jamb, and i applied for Orthopedic and Prosthesis Tech. Would be considered and is it a competitive course at Futo?

  24. I got 247 in jamb. I want to study mechanical engineering in FUTO. I had C5 in Chemistry and physics, C6 in maths and English, I had B3 in geography.. can I make it in?

  25. I’ve put computer science as my course in FUTO but want to change it. Please I want to know if that is possible. I had 260 in my 2017 JAMB UTME

  26. pls i score 180 in jamb and am going for laboratory science, and i have C in all my 0’level result and what is my opportunity in getting admission?

  27. Please i score 180 in my jamb and i got B3 in Maths, Physics, English and Biology then C4 in Chemistry and i choose mechanical engineering as my course will i be admitted? Please i need an urgent answer

  28. pls sir can I get chemical engineering in futo with jamb score 225,waec grades are maths-c5,english-b3,physics-b3,chemistry-c4.

  29. pls I sci 190 in my jamb any hope for me for materials and metallurgical engineering@futo? if not what course can I go for

  30. pls I scored 191 any luck for me for materials and metallurgical engineering@futo and if not what course can I go for

  31. Please i got B3 in English,Maths,Physics and Biology then C4 in chemistry, mechanical engineering is my course i got 180 in my jamb. Will i be admitted? Please

  32. Hello, FUTO 2017/18 dept cutoff marks is not yet out. .To those who scored 180-200, you can study less competitive courses like Mathematics, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Economics,etc.. You must have a good O’ level result and all your credentials must be available if you really wan’a get admitted. .you can join us on facebook @ 2017/2018 Futo aspirants or add 08130740521, ‘ll add you on the whatsapp group. .Thanks.

  33. please i scored 192 in my 2017 jamb,i want to study biochem in futo, i have in B3 chemistry, C5 physics, B3 biology and B3 in english. do i stand the chance of getting admission this year?

  34. sir plz i scored 185 in jamb nd i no am nt lucky enough to gt addimission into futo with my choice of course which is machanical eng. So i decided to go for science lab.nd my o level scores are physcis nd chemstry C4, maths C6, english C4, pls sir am i gud to go with dis in science lab. sir i realy need an ungent reaply tnks…

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