What Are The Consequences Of Not Writing 2017 JAMB Mock Exam? – See

Jamb Admission and Matriculation Board JAMB

By now, we’re sure you all know that the JAMB
Mock Exam for the 2017 UTME has been
confirmed to hold on 29th April.
In as much as a lot of you would like to write
the Mock Exam, not everyone is entitled to write
it. If you did not select to write the exam during
registration, chances are that you most likely
would not be able to print your e-slip. There’s no
need to worry, ngstudents.com has you covered!

If you fall under this category, there is really no
need for you to panic. All you have to do is to
keep practising and preparing for the main exam,
which is scheduled to begin as from 13th May.
You will also need to be vigilant and ensure you
come online to ngstudents.com on the day of the
mock, so that you can easily monitor, and get
LIVE! updates from various centres in Nigeria.
Ngstudents.com will be monitoring all the situation
reports from the various centres. This will help
you gain enough experience, and give you the
feeling like you are actually writing the mock
In as much as the Mock exam is to help JAMB
to test JAMB’s readiness, it will still give an
advantage to the candidates who are fortunate
to write it.
Those who have been able to print their Mock e-
Slip but are still unable to go for the exam, you
also fall into this category and you will be
required to follow the above stated procedures
to stay in the loop. If you would still like to
check if JAMB has selected you to write the
Mock Exam,
If you have any issues about the 2017 UTME
Mock, please post it as a comment so that the ngstudents
community can help you.


  1. I am writin d mock and i ve got all my requiremnts is the exam going to start at 7 on d dot cos am goin to my centre as early as posibu tmrw morning

  2. I Register for the mock but uptil now, i have not seen the e-slip, will i still be able to write the main exam as indicated at the bottom of the print out that i’ll be forfeit the right to sit for the main exam?

  3. ever since yesterday I hav ben trying to knw ma center but still nt showing am just confu bec I dnt wan it to affect am main exam

  4. Please, what’s the meaning of this? It’s what jamb sent to me via mail on the 26-4-2017. Is there anyone that also received this kinda mail?

    Following payment request with details below was
    received from you.
    Reference ID: 2017222996530914
    Service: Result Slip Printing
    Transaction Amount: N1,000.00
    Transaction Status: Pending

  5. sir I registered for the jamb mock exam but I didn’t receive my center and I didn’t write the mock yestaday I holp it will not hinder me of the main exam

  6. My brother said yes to mock jamb, he got a message to write mock jamb that was canceled, now he get any message to write the one done on 29th april. What is wrong with this? Pls he needs answer

  7. pls I Registered for the mock, but due to circumstances I didn’t write it, pls will it affect my main UTME?.. I need answers pls oo.

  8. I clicked yes for the mock exam,the frist time it was ment to hold,i printed my exams details,but the exam did not hold again,,,,the i wasn not aware when de wrote the exam on tuesday……what will happen??,,cus am confused

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