JAMB Mock Exam Questions And Answers Of April 29th 2017

Jamb mock exams has come and gone, and yes, it was a computer based test, what that means is that getting the jamb mock past questions from that will be very difficult but its possible.
I know you can not remember all the questions you answered during the mock exams, but if each candidate can recall and post just 5 question on ngstudents.com using the comment box, in less a day we must have gotten a complete jamb mock exam past question.

Moreover their is every possibility of JAMB repeating the mock questions during the main cbt exams.
so simply use the comment box to write any questions you can recall , start now….

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  1. pls this is my whatsaap no 09052391233, pls I really need ur help 4 likely questions bcos I didn’t participate in the mock and i will be having my exam on the 15th of may….thanks in anticipation

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