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5 Big Lessons To Learn From 2017 JAMB Mock Examination

JAMB Mock Experience
Summary 2017 – How to
resolve issues during Main
This is a summary of all the JAMB Mock Exam experiences for
the 2017 UTME. We got these points from the Live Reports
sent in by ngstudents, and we believe it will help you quickly
overcome any challenges you may experience in the Main
Exam, which starts from 13th May.

We’re pleased to announce that JAMB has successfully
conducted her first ever mock exam for the 2017 UTME. We
must commend JAMB for pulling this off, and giving
candidates the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the
new technology implemented.
Yes, the new technology was implemented by JAMB, and the
good part is that you can now use both the Computer
Keyboard and the Mouse (or track-pad for laptops). If you
have been practicing JAMB with the Myschool JAMB CBT
Software or the Myschool CBT Mobile App, navigating the
Main Exam will be a piece of cake for you. It’s almost the
same experience as the Main JAMB Exam.
If you are using the keyboard, here are the most important
N – To move to the next question
P – To go back to the previous question
A – To select option A on a question
B – To select option B on a question
C – To select option C on a question
D – To select option D on a question
S – To submit your exam (Be Careful)
R – To Cancel Submit (and RETURN)
All the above will be stated before you start the exam, so you
should read instructions properly before starting.
Please note that there are somethings that the Keyboard
method does not offer you. In this case, you must use your
Mouse (or track-pad). These are;
1. If you need to switch from one subject to another. Like if
you want to answer a particular subject before going to
2. If you need to use the on-screen calculator at the top right
corner of your screen.
There will be 180 questions;
60 for English,
40 for each of the other subjects.
Use of English will now contain 1 comprehension passage
(with about 6 questions) and about 8 – 10 questions from the
Newly introduced Novel “In Dependence”. According to a
ngstudents, the questions from the Novel are deep and are
different from any questions you have seen online, so try to
read the book properly.
The time stated for the exam is 120 Minutes (2 hours). Please
don’t mistake this for 1 Hour 20 minutes. It is 2 hours.
Press F5 if your screen hangs
Candidates also complained about hanging of the JAMB CBT
interface while taking the exam. According to some
ngstudents, you won’t be able to click on anything, but your
TIME will be counting down. The solutions that worked is to
pressing F5 on the keyboard. You will see this key at the top
keys of the keyboard. If you don’t know how to do this during
the exam, please call the attention of the examiner. Don’t be
afraid to do this.
Almost all centres started later than the time specified for
students. The major set back is the Administrative and
Logistic aspects of writing the exam. CBT Centres ought to
start checking in students on time so they can begin at
7:00AM Prompt. This means you should not dare come later
than the time stated on your Exam Slip.
If there is any point you think we left out, kindly state it using
the comments section below.
Goodluck Everyone!


NGstudents Team Cares….. 

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20 Comments on 5 Big Lessons To Learn From 2017 JAMB Mock Examination

  1. Obadiah philippian // __ May 3, 2017 at 9:07 PM // Reply

    Tankz 4 the infor


  2. Ikusemiya Godwin // __ May 4, 2017 at 9:27 AM // Reply

    thanks for ur advise


  3. some candidate didn’t know how to put their pin nd exam no. Let them go nd learn it and Thank u soo much for This notice


  4. i still have a problem about my exam center not being sent to my email yet. what step should i take next? is the mock exam compulsory for the main exam?


  5. thanks alot


  6. U r bless


  7. how to insert pin


  8. Adeniyi Godwin // __ May 11, 2017 at 11:36 AM // Reply

    Thank You Very Much


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