Funny School Facts : Cool The JAMB Tension With This

Jamb Admission and Matriculation Board JAMB
Jamb Admission and Matriculation Board JAMB

Types of Students found in Some of the most Popular Universities (Campuses) in Nigeria. ( Full version)
IMSU: Filled with Handsome boys and Beautiful girls. Wanna get married to a virgin and I see you near Imsu. I will assume you are looking for sense. As a guy you are broke , but very cute, you will be taking good care of with girls flocking around you. You have a car no matter the brand volkswagen 1971 model , the number of girls will increase . But are you broke and very ugly please leave the school I am begging you, You will be treated like a trash.
The only school that performs magic, you will come with Iphone 6 and go home empty handed, what a miracle.
FUTO: All boys school, even the girls that you will see there ..are classified as boys. Filled with intelligent boys( including girls) eager to learn but frustrated by lecturers and the government. Mainly filled with thin boys and girls because there body re responding to friction , whereby the stress in the university causes wear and tear. Boys from this school tap girls from other school to avoid calling them gay when dating there girls.
This is not my handwriting
Alvan: No student is proud of there school…You will concur with me when I say no student in this school will give you a direct answer , when you ask them the name of there school, they will be like ” UNN in Alvan campus to make it look sexy and attracting”” Alvan is Alvan my alvan brothers and sisters.. i dont know what you are talking about.
If you go to the gym once and come out, next thing you will see is ” Alvan Model”
UNIZIK: Quiet slow poison school. You wont hear there voices year to year but will only hear there voice inside examination hall. You will discover some tactics in examination malpractice. You will know that even a fart from a student means something. One fart means A, two farts B. Filled with extra beautiful girls with eye problem boys. There guy will be toasting a lady and her best friend she brought alongside with her will be responding due to the nature of the 4’O clock eyes he has……..their Giles fine Scarra
Poly Nekede: Great Pollutants!! Great! Great Pollutants!! Great. You girls are to much when it comes to english , it is not easy to discover another english language in the midst of only students.
They have Alvan like gene flowing through them. If you ask them the name of there school, you will hear “Nekede only and they wont attach Poly to it” maybe there is Imo State University of Nekede I dont know. Maybe I am new here. Cute girls by the grace of God…cute boys lipsealed
ESUT: It is like all the people that took the last position in class back then in secondary school are now in Esut because it is here you will find students getting GP less than decimal point……but if they catch you with computer wizardry eeeee they’ll Hack You!!
UNN: Only their cutoff mark in Jamb is a death sentence.Chai You will apply for Law in this school , next thing you will hear is 370 as there cutoff mark where as yours is in two letter words. Alleluyah!!!!! I nearly fell from Staircase the day I heard that the cut off is out! Cute brilliant set of set of students.
NOCEN: Almost same thing with Alvan Ikoku, just ask any student that is not in for NCE in the school! “which school you dey? ” come hear answer naaaa
He or she will know the simplest answer oo but will like to get a full mark
She’ll be like UNN in Onitsha “ah ah sissy why naaa
Better Say Nwafor Orizu College Of Education Nsugbe or University of Nigeria Nsugbe Campus!

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One thing with the girls over there is that Main market guys has eaten so much deep down into them, even +sales boys and Keke napep guys also comes to take them, all it takes the guy is just to match the brake pedal, u have gotten a meat just like that, so their guys is mostly Single and Players and also Micey upon the population of girls in the Campus, if you are a girl you can testify, if you gets a new male friend what’s the first 4 questions that he ask from the very first beginning
1: Babe what’s up?
2: How are doing?
3rd: Where are u leaving off camp or in the Hostel
So luckily for him him you will be staying off Camp
4: What did you Cook follows!

UMUDIKE(MOUAU) : Stingy set of students. Here you will see a whole community living in one room . There boys stingy till the extent they wear boxers to school. There girls are crying everyday
UNIPORT: Want to know the real Definition of Runs girls just type Uniport girls on google. Want to know the best definition of Criminals and the reason people study criminology in school type Uniport boys in google.
ABSU: Girls in this school are classified as mami water due to the rate of there cuteness. A state school that pays more than private universities. Their Boys! There is not a child’s play. Bokoharam vs Isis.
Madonna University: My best Secondary school.

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Ansu : Na Senior Guys and Classic Babes full there! All these senator pikin and Governor pikin dem, so it’s mostly on a serious note, their SUG night that I would have been to, I have removed my dancing shoes,I Heard it’s cancelled cos of Death of a student that was shot by Unknown gun Men!!!! During the Burn Fire Night
I was thinking, I Mean we are thinking that Uli is so borin nothi

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