2017 JAMB May 16th, Tuesday Candidates Live Updates And Answers – 7AM, 9AM, 1:30PM

Jamb Admission and Matriculation Board JAMB

JAMB 2017 UTME 16th May,Tuesday – Live Updates! From CBT Exam Centers Nationwide . answers for questions coming soon.

Ngstudents.com are welcome to Monitor the Nationwide
Progress of the
1st Day of JAMB 2017 UTME, which began, 13th May,
New comments and reports are added every minute. If you
want to remain updated, you will need to reload this page as
often as you can to check out new comments that have been
All JAMB UTME Candidates writing today, Please use the
comment section to update us every inch of the way,
especially if you encounter any issues during the Exam. This is
a Live Updates thread, so let us know when you get to your
center, and if at all there is any delay or problems experienced
at your centre during the UTME.
We will call on JAMB officials to look into the issues raised on
this thread, to enable them try to fix issues as soon as
Let us know of anything that happens right from the moment
you get to the exam centre (remember you are to be there 30
minutes before your scheduled time) till the time you are about
to step into the examination hall. We understand you won’t be
allowed to get in to the hall with your phones, so your real
time (Live!) updates may end the moment it’s your turn for the
Biometric verification.
When providing us with your update, indicate the State and the
name of the exam centre you are reporting from. This will
enable JAMB officials and other Candidates to know exactly
what centre has issues.
The moment you are done with your exams, please do not
also forget to come back to this website, ngstudents.com to
share your experiences on the general conduct of the
examination. We will create a thread for experiences later in
the day.
Ensure you keep your items safe! Your phones, bags, money
e.t.c. Please note that not everyone, who comes to the hall
came for the exam. Some people are just natural thieves. They
steal at every opportunity.
Just update us as much as you can, and we will appreciate
every bit of information you pass across.
All the best! From ngstudents.com team
Answers to 16th May JAMB questions to be added soon, keep refreshing ngstudents.com.


  1. Pls am among those writing tomorrow i need assistance in use of English, mathematics, chemistry, physics plz 7:00am pls

  2. Pls am among those writing tomorrow i need assistance in use of English, mathematics, chemistry, physics plz 7:00am pls God bless you

  3. pls I’m writing mine on Wednesday..by 9am..I need biology chemistry physics and English…pls I really need your help

  4. please sir, i need ur assistance on chemistry, biology, physics and use of english my exam date is may 16th which is today; my number is 07019469837 or 07019312822. my email is Orokethankgod@yahoo.com, thanks in anticipations.

  5. Pls am writing on Thursday,help out
    eng,government,mathematics nd economic
    my email:ada.adesuwa@yahoo.com
    Pls help out tnk u stay blessed

  6. Please some can someone just help us out today…. I’m writing by 1:30 please…… or anybody drop questions you saw when you were writing

  7. Today questions;
    according to the passage wat is the meaning of bing?
    *check the diagram of shrimp,endospemic seed,paramecium.

  8. pls..I’m writing English,physics, chemistry, biology by 1:30pm 16 of may that is today.. pls pls pls..I need your help@ jessyfroshgmail.com is almost time

  9. my centre is in double click academy two end school federal housing two mile, ikom in cross river state. the problem we are facing here is insufficient system and the are lacking behind time
    as am typing this comment, 7am batch are still writing exam at 12pm. how on earth do jamb want jambite that come from a far place to go back to their destination. please something should be done about it.

  10. Please sir i need assistance too in my jamb exam for 17th in English,Mathematics,Government,Economics by 1:30pm my phone number 09066382555

  11. I need help in English,Physics, chemistry and mathematics, on the 17th 0f may 2017 in my email:umogbaia@yahoo.com or phone number:

    • Please i need help in English, Mathematics, Government, Economics on the 17th of may 2017 jamb by 1:30pm you can please kindly send it to my phone number as a text message MY PHONE NUMBER:09066382555

  12. hy my email is rosemaryemmanuel50@gmail.com,
    my subject are used of English, Crk, literature and government.
    am writing today being the 16 of may
    please send the question and answer for me. am in the exam premises and we’ve not started yet

  13. please Jamb on Monday for kwali candidate was hell. we went through a lot. we suffered from one place to another. Some of us arrived at 4am for those writing by 7am but non of us were able to write till 9pm. Due to some irrelevant issue given by the center. we had to block the Abuja- lokoja express way and still yet nothing happened. Jamb must compensate us for our stress. we were taken to CKC and also taken to Anagada.
    Jamb has suffered us and must do something. May 15th 2017 kwali Candidate must be compensated.

  14. frnds,al d aswers u posted ar tru bt it cnt work bcs yesterday’s questn is different frm 2day and til d exam finish.it i beta u read ur PQ very wel and in dependence.

  15. Sir pleaseoooo ,mine is 2morow 7am,maths, english,physic,chemistry,pls sir,email:ojukwu.samcharles@gmail.com

  16. pls oo… I have exam @ 1:30 pm tomorrow
    @ English, chemistry, biology nd physics… to b specific, Abeg oo… Thanks..
    pngwokor @ yahoo. com…

  17. Pls Sir,am Writing On Satuday,dis My Email,adesanmiadeola17@yahoo.Com Eng,math,economic,acct,pls God Wil Bless U

  18. Pls Sir,am Writing On Satuday,dis My Email,adesanmiadeola17@yahoo.Com Eng,math,economic,acct,pls God Wil Bless U

  19. My computer off more then 4 to 5 times please help me because i did not use my time probably due to the computer issue
    I wrote on 16th may: by 7am at universal netcafe in otukpo,benue state
    this is my email:


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