Complete 2017 JAMB Saturday, May 13 Real Questions Set – From JAMBites

Questions Set on 13th May JAMB UTME
We will like to bring some of the questions that were set by
JAMB for the 13th May UTME Examination, so we can debate
on the correct answers for the questions.
Since the exam has been concluded, it can now be termed as
Past Questions. Please note also that JAMB has promised
NEVER to repeat any question set in previous days. In fact,
some reports claim the JAMB changes questions every 5

Even though some centres delayed in starting the exam, most
of the questions set on one day were largely the same
nationwide, raising concerns of some of the actual questions
being shared online by early writers, and getting to other
candidates who perhaps are still outside, waiting to be
checked into the hall.
Back to why this thread was created. We ( ) obviously
will not be sharing any question directly, so we are leaving this
to candidates who wrote on 13th May. If you can remember
any questions you wish to share, maybe because you would
like to find out the correct answer to the question and put your
mind at rest, please share here.
If you are having doubts about a particular question and it’s
correct answer or if you just want to help better prepare others
who are yet to write (Remember, the questions won’t be
repeated, according to JAMB), please feel free to share it
This thread is specifically to share actual questions that came
out on 13th May. Please don’t go around posting list of several
past questions you copied somewhere on the internet. We saw
some users posting questions from the previous Novel (Last
Days at Forcados). Please scrutinize and verify the questions
before posting them here. We simply want to collectively learn.
If you can remember only 3 or 4 questions, that’s enough too,
we will appreciate.

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10 Comments on Complete 2017 JAMB Saturday, May 13 Real Questions Set – From JAMBites

  1. pls when will i receive my question and answer bcos i have exam on 18th


  2. tanks 4 d update
    More grace to ur elbow


  3. Pls can i get english maths biology and geography b4 1:30pm on tuesday


  4. pls help,i am writin on 17,try and update


  5. Why are pple asking for answers.Are d questions not going 2 be different?


  6. Pls am writing on Wednesday when will I get my answers


  7. // __ May 16, 2017 at 2:27 AM // Reply

    Please I am writing today by 1:30pm my subjects are English,maths econs geography,how can get this answers


  8. Am writing 7am……eng govt lit crs


  9. am writing 12 pm 2mro eng,lit eng,govt,crs


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