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List of certificate/degree issued by Nigeria institutions and order of hierarchy

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List of certificate/degree issued by Nigeria institutions and
order of hierarchy
NCE = Nigeria certificate education is a special A-Level
grade Course intended for Secondary school leavers or
their equivelent.
It is issued by college of education and few polytechnics
also isuue nce
ND= issued by any recognised polytechnic in Nigeria and it
the lowest certificate issue by polytechnic.
It takes two years to get a national diploma
HND= higher national diploma is also issued by polytechnic
and after completion you can proceed for nysc.
BSC= bachelor of science BSC is issued by Nigeria
It’s known as the first degree.
The minimum semester required to get BSC is 8 semester
while some courses require 10 semesters.
PGD= PGD is a postgraduate qualification awarded after a
university degree and polytechnic graduates can also apply
for pgd.
It usually take a year.
MSc = it is a second degree after bsc and it’s known as
master of science .
Having MSc is a big boast to all BSC holder and it’s above
It takes 2 Years to complete a master programme
PHD = This is the highest level of academic degree that
can be obtained by anyone.
It will take 6 years to get a PHD. however you can add
more juice to it by obtaining professional certification from
other fields

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10 Comments on List of certificate/degree issued by Nigeria institutions and order of hierarchy

  1. Plx can some1 that have nce go 4 nysc and plx list d certificate according 2 their rank


  2. Ogbolu Samuel // __ June 23, 2017 at 10:46 PM // Reply

    Pls list them according to their Rank


  3. Fadahunsi peter // __ August 15, 2017 at 6:35 PM // Reply

    Pls is NID equivalent to ND? I would also like to knw if polytechnics accept NID


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  5. Accurate and swift response


  6. Pls can a hnd holder apply for msc ?


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