See The Jamb 2017 Score That Guarantees You Admission Into Any University

What Jamb score do I need to get admitted into the University
to study my desired course? So many persons ask similar
I scored.. can I gain admission with my score? If that’s your
question, then this article is for you.

I will try to make this very easy and straight forward.
The Jamb Score That Guarantees You Admission Into Any
University is directly proportional to your choice of course.
I hear people say that with a score of 250 you are
automatically Admitted.
Seriously I don’t know the origin of that lie. But I am sure that
it did not originate from Jamb or any school.
The Jamb score you need to gain admission is determined by
five factors.
Performance of students in Jamb Results.
Nature of Your course Generally.
The Competition of the course in your choice University.
The Number of students to be admitted.
Admission Factors: Merit, Catchment and Educationally less
developed States.
I will briefly explain each factors and how it determines what
you need to score in Jamb for sure admission.
1. Performance of students in Jamb:
The higher the performance of students in Jamb, the higher
the cut off mark that year. That is why we cannot easily predict
the average Jamb score.
2. Nature of Your course Generally:
Hot cake Courses like Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy,
Engineering, Accounting and so on using require higher Jamb
However, newer and less competitive courses like
entrepreneurship, mathematics, etc requires relatively low
utme score.
3. The Competition of the course in your choice University:
Some Universities are know to be good at a particular course.
Because of this, the demand for it in that particular school
gets higher than in other schools.
For example FUTO is known for Engineering, AAU is know for
Law and Uniben for Pharmacy (Since they offer doctor of
Pharmacy certificate). You will expect the cut of mark for
those courses to be higher than it is in other schools.
4. The Number of students to be admitted:
The higher the carrying capacity of a University, the more they
are willingly to admit. This will increase the chance of being
admitted with a relatively low score.
5. Admission Factors:
Admission factors such as Merit, Catchment and
Educationally less developed States determines the Jamb
score you need to be admitted. Cut off for merit is usually the
highest. With a relatively low score, you can be admitted
based on State and catchment.
Jamb Score You Need:
Although the above factors are responsible for the Jamb score
you need to be sure of admission, yet we have studied the cut
off curve over time.
With a score above 270, you have a chance of being admitted
to study a competitive course.
With a Jamb score of 240+, you get a chance of getting
moderately competitive course.
A score of 280+ should guarantee you admission to study any


  1. Hi staff i thank you for assisting us jambites

    I scored 214 in my jamb first choice lasu public administration

    hospitality management in yabatech
    Pls what are my chances

  2. pm sir, i scored 226 in jamb, c in all relivant waec subjects(one sitting) nd from enugu state. i chose unn as first choice to study ELECTRICAL ENGR but i’m afraid, pls advise me if i should apply 4 change of institution nd to which sch. thanks

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