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One of the frequently asked questions by Students is the list of
best courses to study. Admitted course of study matters a lot.
Also, In my article on 5 things to do before Jamb Application , I
mentioned course content as a prerequisite for choosing a
preferred University of Study.
Other factors to consider when choosing a University to study
are the reputation of the University, graduate employment rate,
the general ranking of the institution and the quality of
facilities present in the university.

The regret of many of persons today is that they didn’t have
the adequate information to enable them choose the right
courses of study.
Still wondering which course to study in Nigeria? Your answer
is here. Today I will be Guiding you on the hot cake courses to
study in Any Nigeria University.
However, you must understand that Irrespective of your course
of study, when you show yourself worthy, employers will seek
your services. The order of arrangement shouldn’t be a
problem to you.

Top 15 Hot Cake Courses To Study In Nigeria
15. Entrepreneurship
This is a newly introduced course in many Universities. With
the economy situation of the country, developing
entrepreneurial skills is the way. It is a very promising and hot
cake course.
14. Mass Communication
Mass communication gives you the golden opportunity to
meet new persons daily and as well penetrate both public and
private sectors. They can work in TV stations, Newspaper
publishing firms and so on.
13. Marketing
The demand for marketers is on the increase. Every company
wants to make profit and as well establish their brand. This
factor makes marketing as a course a hot cake.
12. Biochemistry
Biochemistry as a course is becoming more popular in Nigeria.
You won’t have any regret studying it. It is hot cake right now.
11. Economics
Economics and accounting work hand in hand. It is a course
you should think of studying. It pays…
10. Geology
Geologists study earth processes such as flood and
earthquake. Since oil is the major source of revenue in
Nigeria, Geologists are in good position to penetrate the
9. Mathematics
This dy/dx has been the nightmare of many students right
from primary school. Because many persons are afraid to
major in mathematics, the demand for mathematicians has
increased astronomically. Many firms are actively recruiting
mathematicians. The course is currently a hot cake.
8. Architecture
Architecture is a very great course to study. One thing about
architecture is that it makes you self employed. Architecture is
a top course.

  1. Nursing
    Nursing as a course is seriously getting more exposure in
    Nigeria. Gone are the days when it was classed as female
    occupation. These days, more guys are going into nursing.
    Trust me, it is a hot cake course.
  2. Law
    The fact that lawyers are less patronized these days due to
    the level of corrupting in the country is not a strong signal that
    the course is not lucrative or profitable. You don’t need to limit
    yourself to court room. There are many other things to do as a
    lawyer. You can become an attorney for a big company or
    even a family lawyer and start earning big.
  3. Accounting
    As the name implies, accounting is the language of serious
    business. It is a very marketable and hot cake course in
  4. Estate Management
    You help people to manage their property and you get
    rewarded. This is what estate management is about. There are
    so many opportunities for estate management professionals
    both home and abroad. This course is indeed a hot cake.
  5. Pharmacy
    Meet the big guy.This course is very interesting especially
    when you study it in Uniben; you become Doctor of pharmacy
    immediately you graduate. Generally, Pharmacy is a lucrative,
    marketable and hot cake course. As a pharmacy graduate, self
    employment will not be a major problem to you.
  6. Engineering
    Meet the guys that intimate law and management science
    students with their lab coats and drawing boards. They do not
    joke with ELA, EMA and MEE. They are called Engineering
    There is no year you will not find Engineering in the list of hot
    and most sought after courses. Engineering as a whole is a
    very nice course to study. Engineering courses sell in all major
    industries around the world.
  7. Medicine
    Many persons believe that medicine is overrated in Nigeria.
    The truth of the matter remains that medicine is a hot cake
    course. It is high paying and marketable both at home abroad.

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