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2017 JAMB Aftermath : Frustrated JAMBite Pours It All Out – Must Read


Enough is enough let us enjoy our right for jamb and nigeria institution…we are tired of sitting down for jamb every year…we can’t tolerate it any more affect our future a lot…most of us are JAMB regular customer…we will b sitting for over 10 years in Jamb…JAMB will allow over 1.5m candidates to apply for them but they will give 20% admission…all what they need is our money…first of all what is education? Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. We need standard education in this country…we are tired of the stress and the pain we have passed through…what hurt us most is that 60,000 candidate will apply for a school and the school will say he can’t admit more than 5,000 so the rest 55,000 will wait for next year again to write another jamb and when it’s next year again another set of candidate from secondary will join again…the population the school admit is too low…since there is cut-off marks and we all passed the cut-off marks they should admit all…if there is no capacity for the student when we are in 100 level those who don’t meet-up will repeat or drop out from the school…no primary school student repeat common entrance exam..when they enter J.S.S1 those who don’t meet-up will repeat or drop-out from the school…there are somethings that affect us mostly…They keep exhorting our parents of their hard earned money every year and yet no admission…. Why do we have a minister of education? What’s his usefulness? What’s his responsibility?
Youths are made to look stupid and hopeless sitting at home for several years seeking admission… And yet we say we are the leaders of tomorrow… Where is the tomorrow? The tomorrow when we will still be looking for admission We youths are tired of Jamb, honestly they are like Green snakes under green Grass
They come like Good people, Pass jamb and admission is 100%…. But Is that True? They have an objective all right, But do you know what that Objective is?? MAKING MONEY. Jamb are Scammers… Honestly speaking After Hustling, reading like no Tomorrow, spending 5k a Month For tutorials… Jamb result would come out nd Start seeing problems, problems starting with Computer errors, like this year, Jambites had scores of 250 but later reduced to 215, what can we do?? After all the hustling of getting Good Grade in O’level and jamb, The Universities Would start their own Scamming, pay for this, pay for that After all that If we don’t have Connections to the school, we are back to square1….the nigerian institution are the most problem in all about admission.
1. They will admit few people: this is the most problem in one like to stay in the is more important in our life
2. They cheat on us after passing the cut off marks: this is most school in nigeria..some school won’t release their cut off mark cos they believe on cheating on lagos state university, Lagos State University – also known as LASU – was established in 1983 by the enabling Law of Lagos State of Nigeria, since this was established they don’t release departmental cut-off marks..they admit those who have connection..i.e those who pay money for admission…this year someone applied for electronics and computer engineering at LASU he got 63.63% on his self screening result…the person was not given admission..he started thinking maybe he didn’t meet their cut-off he went to lasu campus and ask about it…they shouted on the guy and sent out away from their office…so they released the admission list on their website..the guy look under his course and check their point through their jamb reg. On lasu portal…what the guy saw there was unbelievable….some score 44%, someone score 50% someone score 52%, 56% etc many low marks full there…what amaze most there is someone won’t have his/her 0’level result and won’t meet-up the LASU cut-off marks which is 190 and they would be given admission..what is that…we are tired of all this..that is corruption..what is corruption: Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It can be classified as grand, petty and political, depending on the amounts of money lost and the sector where it occurs. Most of our girls will use money and use their body again bcos of admission.
We want solution in this country…Jamb are planning to collect another money again…we will textbooks..going to jamb lesson…we will waste money on jamb..waste money on school screening…there are some jamb card again called facility card..we will buy them all…jamb said if have checked your result more than five times you will buy another JAMB card which is 1,500…we will passed through many stress again..after all we will pass our screening again..after all this I have listed above they will said no admission for us thise year that we should prepare for next year again…when everybody is on this certain level…we will go to University of our house in this university of our house..there is three faculty there
1. Faculty of am fed-up of jamb
2. Faculty of jamb frustration
3. Don’t give-up to jamb
In this faculty of am fed-up of jamb there are many department there…these department have been fed-up by jamb…some will say am tired of writing jamb..some will say am tired of the life am living now and some will say am not going to school again.
In this faculty of jamb frustration there are many departments there also…this department is the hardest department in the University of our house..this jamb frustration will push many people to the wall..some will start stealing around…some will start doing yahoo online….some will start hawking around the city…some will be leaning hand work like mechanic, welder, vulcanizer, capital, bricklayer, bike-rider many more..some people will also frustrate them on this..someone will say I’m a graduated student since 2002 and I haven’t see job since 2002…when those who are frustrated by jamb hear this..they will start doing any work they see.
In the faculty of don’t give-up there are many department there…this faculty believe on Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patience and best things come to those who don’t give-up….this department… some will do pre-degree, some will prepare for next year, some that want to study like medicine, engineering, law, mass communication, computer science, accounting will plan to change their destination to another course like: water, fish, wood engineering,yoruba education, hausa education, etc.. this department all we now that is fighting for solution because we don’t want to me frustrated and fed-up of our education….please we need solution..if we study good course in our school we won’t rely on the government to produce jobs before we can work…someone that study medicine or engineering can’t wait for government jobs…he/she will be on his/her own…please federal government we need solution in our education…we don’t care about how the government is now….we only care about out education…we need education because we want to be the leaders of tomorrow and we want to be successful in life…we can’t wait again to write another jamb..years goes bye…we can’t go to another country again to school there since we have enough schools here…enough is enough let us enjoy our right…please minister of eduction we need solution
By one frustrated JAMB Candidate ( name withheld)

What can you say about this, is he right?

NGstudents Team Cares….. 

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17 Comments on 2017 JAMB Aftermath : Frustrated JAMBite Pours It All Out – Must Read

  1. Fantastic,i folow ur path,truly we all really nid help

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  2. 100%RIGHT

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  3. Young man you are rigt,I wonder why some people called theirself a minister of education-while ministerialism is about knowing and act on your ministry


  4. true word


  5. U r right


  6. 100% right


  7. pls i scored 226 in jamb, c in all relivant courses, 4rm enugu state. i put unn as 1st choice to study elect engr but i need 2 know if i should go 4 change of institution nd which sch


  8. hmmmm, my brother, you’ve said a very good bitter truth, we pray to Almighty Allah to change our leader to positive in Nigeria. In fact ”i kottow to your powwow”


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