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Top 10 Things to do Before Seeking for Admission in any University

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10 Things to do Before Seeking for Admission in any University.

10 Things to do Before Seek i ng for Admiss i on | Getting admission into universities shouldn’t be a rush, cause even life itself is not a rush. This is a case of life; your future depends on th i s. Thus, before you apply for university admission, there are things to consider, so let’s be realistic here and straight-forward.

Noteworthy, before you begin a journey, you must prepare solidly for it, therefore, before seeking admission, there are things to do and here are the top 10.

Top 10 Things to do Before Seeking for Admission

1) Your First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC ): This is very important as you cannot get employed in Nigeria without issuing your first school being the certificate of your first graduation. FSLC identifies you as a bonafide citizen of Nigeria from childhood so it shouldn’t be joked with. If you’ve not gotten your certificate, you should.

2) O level result (WAEC): This is another most important requirement into any university in Nigeria. A proof of your graduation from high school. With the FSLC and WAEC, it is assumed that you had completed the 6+6 foundational stage of education. If you’re a foreigner, you will need to present a transcript copy of your high school certificate.

3) Birth certificate/Age declaration (affidavit) : This certificate gives a view on you when you were born.

4) State of Origin : This identifies your originality as well as your nationality.

Note: These documents are mandatory for university aspirants of any race and tribe.

5) Pick a course you have passion for : University isn’t high school or secondary school where you offer every subjects this is where you need to have gotten a base of what you wish to study. A discipline backed up with that determination to make it work out. This is where you choose from the wide range of course that which best suits your choice.

6) Choose an institution that offers your intended course of study: There are universities that may offer the course you intend to go for so make a list of all universities and choose that which you prefer or that is nearest to you.

7) Consider your pocket: When choosing universities, it is advisable to consider the fees of the school and how much you can afford so you don’t become hooked up later and drop out. Don’t go for private universities just to bear the name because private universities are expensive. Nevertheless, go for universities that will offer quality education of your taste.

8) Purchase UME form: After identifying the course and institution you could like to study in, the next step is to get the UME form, fill in your data and other required details and think ahead.

9) Get to know the cutoff mark: Every school have their departmental cut off mark though the assigned jamb cutoff mark for all universities is 180 as constituted by jamb, yet some universities’ UME mark begins from 200. You need to know all this to know what you are up against.

10) Prepare for the exams: The brochure/syllabus given by jamb will be of great help so you need to cover all topics and get set before the exam date. You can cover the topics twice if you can the best thing is to get set before time.

With this, I hope you’ll be able to start planning your life ahead of time. Don’t wait till jamb date is announced or jamb form is out before you start planning, do that now. Good luck.

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