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HP PC and Lenovo Laptop Review Specifications 2017 

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​HP and Lenovo Laptop Review | Hewlett Packard laptops are in categories though of the same brand and so is Lenovo which is now hitting the market and gaining attention at a tremendo us rate. You’ll be shocked to discover a lot of similarities and differences in each of the Lenovo and HP brands just keep reading the review below.

Lenovo Review

1. LENOVO YOGA 3 14: With better battery life and performance than the Yoga 3 Pro (not to mention a lower price), the Yoga 3 14 is one of the best hybrid deals around.

2. LENOVO LaVie Z306 : The Lenovo LaVie Z is an impr essive engineering feat, but unless you need the touch screen and 360-degree hinge, stick with the less-expensive, lighter, non-touch model.

3. LENOVO LaVie ZHZ550 : Despite a few design qui r ks make it feel less than premium, the Lenovo LaVie Z can’t be beat for a combination of light weight and processor power.

4. LENOVO THINKPAD YOGA 4 2015 : With a clever mechanical keyboard that solves the main complaint about the Yoga line, the ThinkPad Yoga is the best of both worlds.

5. LENOVO FLES 311 : In three sizes, the new Flex 3 display now folds back a full 360 degrees like the more expensive Yoga line of laptops.

6. LENOVO YOGA PRO 3 : The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro has a breakthrough design, but requires careful consideration of the trade-offs required, particularly battery life.

7. LENOVO Y50 YOGA 4K: One of our favorite gaming laptops get a sharp 4K display that will make all kinds of content look better, although it’s a bit of a tease, as you can’t actually crank most games up to that resolution.

8. LENOVO THINKPAD YOGA 14: Jumping up to a 14-inch display, the biz-minded ThinkPad Yoga hides its keyboard in tablet mode.

9. LENOVO N20: Lenovo’s N20p is a long-lasting touchscreen Chrome book with a design on the sharper side of budget, but its semi-hybrid hinge feels like a half measure.

10. LENOVO THINKPAD 11e: The education-aimed Yoga 11e Chrome book bends into several useful hybrid shapes, but it’s also too thick and rugged for commuters who want lightweigh t hardware for their lightweight operating system.

11. LENOVO EDGE 15: With a hinge that bends back 300 degrees, the Edge falls between laptop and hybrid.

12. LENOVO TOUCH Y70: Lenovo bows a new slim gaming laptop with a jumbo 17 inches touchscreen.

13. LENOVO Y50: With the Y50 Touch, Lenovo has created a reasonably priced, not-too-big gaming laptop that doesn’t look like a throwback. But the most serious PC gamers may want to hold out for a better display and faster GPU.

14. LENOVO YOGA 2 11: Combines the popular Yoga hybrid design with an affordable 11-inch ultraportable for a system that’s budget-feeling but sturdy, and one of the best of a new breed of low-cost hybrids.

15. LENOVO 2 13 INCH: If you can’t quite afford the Yoga 2 Pro but still want a full-time laptop and a part-time tablet, the 13-inch Lenovo Yoga 2 i s an excellent choice.

16. LENOVO THINKPAD X1 CARON 2015: New CPUs and a better-than-HD screen make this 2.8-pound ultra-book a top crossover contender.

17. LENOVO Z40: A basic multimedia laptop starting under $600, with higher-end display, graphics, and storage upgrades.

18. LENOVO FLEX 14D: AMD CPUs help these half-hybrid hit lower starting prices.

HP Review:

1. HP PAVILION X2 2014: Easily the best-looking Atom-powered hybrid in its price range, the HP Pavilion x2 is still a few tweaks away from being a budget standout.

2. HP ENVY 17 2015: Along with 14- and 15-inch models, the revamped Envy line highlights a rare new 17-inch laptop.

3. HP OMEN PRO: The Omen Pro mobile workstation takes a few cues from gaming wares.

4. HP SPECTRE X360 15INCH: The spectre x360 gets a 15inch version, while the original 13inch model goes OLED.

5. HP STAR WARS FASHION EDITION NOTEBOOK: HP has created a fun piece of fan service with the STAR Wars Special Edition Notebook, marrying Star Wars content to a reasonably priced mainstream 15inch laptop.

6. HP CHROME BOOK 14 2015: For the same price as other chrome OS laptops, HP’s new Chrome book includes a high display.

7. HP STREAM 11: The HP Stream laptop deftly balances fashion and function at a rock-bottom price.

8. HP ENVY 13: HP’s Envy 13 is a pretty good notebook, but why settle for good? Dell, Lenovo, and even HP sell better thin-and-light laptops.

9. HP ELITEBOOK POLIO G1 : HP’s take on the 12-inch Core M laptop could use a few design tweaks, but it evokes the best parts of Apple’s 12-inch MacBook, with better value and more options.

10. HP OMEN: The Vive-friendly Phoenix desktop gets a new name, joining affordable new 15-inch and 17-inch gaming laptops

11. HP SPECTRE: If you can work with USB-C ports and a no touch display, the HP Spectre offers a great design and excellent performance in the world’s thinnest full-power laptop body.

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