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 UK Visa Requirement, duration  &  Procedure For Renewal – 2017 update 

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How to Renew UK Visa in Nigeria… Applying for a renew could only mean you had a visa earlier. I’m not sure how you are going to feel about this but renewing a visa takes almost the same or more tedious procedures as when you were applying for the first time.

The same old agonizing and stressful arrangements and schedules but you could actually make it fun even as you go through the steps again.

Visa Type?

I don’t need to start speaking of the type of visas you should get hold of because by now, it is expected that you have a full knowledge of the type of visa you’ll be requiring. VISITOR VISA: self explanatory

STUDENT VISA: if you are going there to pursue an intended course of study.

TOURIST VISA: if you are travelling to UK for tourism

BUSINESS VISA: If you are traveling on a business trip. You will need to attach documents explaining the type of business and address of company you’ll be working with.

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Visa Requirements

  1. Valid international passport with at least two blank spaces for stamping.
  2. Passport Photo: 2 include a passport style photo, with a white background, taken within the last 6 months. You may also choose to upload a photo to your order for us to print. There is a surcharge associated with this service.
  3. Visa application form. Visa application form filled out in detail (block letters) and signed by the applicant.
  4. Copy of round trip tickets or itinerary.
  5. Completed form VAF 1 in black in with 2 passport size photographs (Photograph must be 45 cm x 35 cm in size of image. Not later than six months old, showing full face with 2 ears, no hat, or sunglasses (although you can wear reading glasses) and taken against a plain evenly lit and light background). Please download form VAF 1 using a computer with acrobat reader from,
  6. Evidence of payment of workshop fees.
  7. Photocopy of passport Data Page (i.e page with your photograph, date of birth, nationality, etc).
  8. Letter of release/ leave from employer/sponsor nominating or permitting you to attend the workshop in Manchester and letter of introduction from your organization stating that you are an employee and your rank.
  9. Letter from University of Manchester UK, to the high commission to confirm your status as a participant.
  10. Bank statement of sponsor/employer as evidence of sponsors’ ability to pay and personal bank statement not more or less than six months old.
  11. 6-months pay slips of applicant as evidence of employment.
  12. Marriage Certificate and Birth certificate
  13. Evidence of Income outside employment income (if you have a business or company, please include articles and memorandum of association, tax/registration certificates business receipts and company bank statements)
  14. Evidence of real estate holdings/property deeds
  15. Identity Card
  16. House Utility Bills (e.g PHCN, LSWC etc)
  17. Your income tax clearance certificate
  18. If self employed, evidence of your business registration documents, invoices, receipts, accounts and company bank statements for the last six months.
  19. If sponsored by an individual in the UK, evidence of his/her immigration status, ideally a full copy of their passport.
  20. Visa Fee: �Fresh Application: 22,000 �Visa Renewal: 2 years – N75,000
  21. BIOMETRICS: Biometrics is an integral part of the UK’s secure border control, helping to protect the UK against illegal immigration, crime, terrorism, and individuals against identity fraud. All visa applicants, irrespective of nationality, who apply for a UK visa, will be required to attend in person to provide a ten-finger scan and a digital photograph as part of the UK visa application process. The digital photography and electronic finger-scanning procedure is quick, discreet, straightforward and entirely safe.

NB: Only original of documents are to be submitted. Failure to provide the relevant documents can delay your visa and may result in refusal.

The form can be downloaded, filled and submitted online at their official website. You can also visit any consulate of the UK nearest to you. Nigerians can visit the British High Commission through the addresses below;

British High Commission Abuja

British High Commission
Plot 1137
Diplomatic Drive
Central Business District


Telephone+234 (9) 4622200

Fax+234(9) 4622263

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 8am-4pm.
Friday: 8am-1pm

British Deputy High Commission Lagos

Consular, and Visa Sections
11 Walter Carrington Crescent
Victoria Island


Telephone+ 234 (1) 277 0780/0781/0782

Opening hours to the public:

Monday to Thursday: 8.30 am to midday; Friday: 8.30 am to 11 am (GMT +1)

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