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Job Vacancies And Openings
Job Vacancies And Openings is an on-line forum Platform, Developed byBlogNigeria Tech for Bloggers who are interested in making money from blogging but don’t want to necessarily own or manage their own blog.

Creating a blog that can generate the needed traffic to make meaningful income online can be difficult and frustrating, most especially for new bloggers, with  blognigeria you don’t need to worry about  traffic, Blog management, Host renewals etc.,  all you have to do is focus on publishing articles, comment and rate other blogger’s posts to earn.
Some bloggers have been frustrated by Adsense and other advertising companies, why not let us do the advertising, all you need to provide us is your bank account details.
Believe me, this is the first of its kind, bloggers have started withdrawing their earning already, you too can become a blogger even if you don’t know how to create or manage a blog. See testimonies by some bloggers.
BlogNigeria Posting Policy
 You agree to only post relevant articles, copy and paste bloggers don’t make much money fromblognigeria, this is because when you request for the withdrawal of your earnings, we will manually review all your posts to moderate poor and low quality posts.
Blognigeria pay huge for original and quality content. 

BLOGNIGERIA is ideal for students, You can work at your own leisure time. 

Even if you intend to manage a blog in the nearest feature, blognigeria will help develop your posting and blogging skills as your every mistakes will be corrected by our online admins. 

Moreover, blognigeria promises a free hosting platform for those that intends to leave and set up their own blog. 
Other ways to earn from Blognigeria
 If you are already registered, you will see that your money has started adding up, you simply earn Money by doing what you know how to do best, posting articles, answering questions, replying to comments, reading articles by other bloggers, rating articles, voting in polls, referring new members, in fact each time you visit blognigeria and login, you earn something, click here to see the full detail of how much you earn for partaking in any of the above mentioned activities.
Earnings Policy
Blognigeria pays members at any point in time, so long as you have reached the minimum pay-out.
You can donate to other members or use your earnings to buy from the blognigeria shop.
You can also request direct deposit of your earnings to your Local bank account (For bloggers based in Nigeria only).
For International Bloggers, you can cash out your earnings throughPayPal or Payza.
For the minimum cash out, and guideline on how to withdraw payments please refer to this post .

How BlogNigeria Make Their Money
BlogNigeria is not a charity organization that just pay money, they earn by displaying adverts powered by Google Adsense on your posts and threads, and in turn share the majority of revenue with you.

Referral System
Blognigeria has a referral system that pays you for referring members to blognigeria, up to 3,500 Naira per member referred, click here to read more.

Getting Started 
Blognigeria has tutorials to get you started, for the guide on posting articles on blognigeria please click here, for other help, you can refer to this section.
You can also use the reply Form below to ask question and get detailed answers, we have a vibrant community to help out.

Policy Violation
If you get an article from another online platform, please do well to give credit to the author, by placing the source link below the post.
Don’t post foreign music here (example; Drake, Rihanna, Chris Brown etc) or any other copyright protected materials.
Posting of nude (+18) photos or videos lands you in automatic ban
Creating multiple accounts (more than two) with the aim of donating back to yourself lands you in automatic ban.
Short, Irrelevant or low quality posts will be deleted and the earnings will be automatically deducted from your Account balance.

Policy Update
We reserve every right to update this policy, it is your duty to refer back to this post from time to time for policy updates.
Use the comment box below to get clarifications on anything you are confused of.  You can Click here to register now if you have not done so.

 Welcome to the Blogging family!!   

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