Top 5 Tech Skills Expected Of Your as a New Graduate or Undergraduate

You want have a tech skill? Consider building your career around any of these skills

These days, some of the sellable skills that can give students a very good career prospect are tech-based.

As , you’ll do well for yourself and have a great career if you maximise your marketability with those tech skills.

S, if you are considering learning a skill that will improve your chance of getting a job as soon as you graduate from the University or Polytechnic, it is important you learn any of the five tech skills.


Everything is going digital and this has seen so many employers hiring people with digital marketing skills to improve their company online presence and visibility.

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As an undergraduate, you won’t regret learning about Search Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. These are some of the best tech skills in demand and guess what, you don’t have to wait till after graduation before you start making money with these skills.

2. Software development

Trust me, Software development is a budding industry that will remain relevant for a long time. It is an industry that deals with creating, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing an application or a framework.

3. Data Visualization

This is a representation of information in the form of a chart, diagram and picture. This skill is very useful for marketers and business entities because it allows them to the significance of data by placing it in a visual context.

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Most businesses rely on data to make decisions. Imagine yourself as that guy a whole business entity relies on for a visual interpretation of data collected by the guys in the company’s research department.

4. Cybersecurity

Network and Information security are very important for any company that deals with information and data.

Data breach can happen anytime, hackers can decide to tamper with a company’s network whenever they choose to. This is why cybersecurity has become one of the most needed jobs today. You never can tell, if you have this skill, you can be that IT guy one big company would rely on for cybersecurity.

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5. Video Editing

The world is tilting more towards video consumption. Instagram artists, for instance, need the services of video editors to survive.

As a student video editor, you can make a lot of cash from video editing and buy more editing gadgets from the money you make.

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