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Commonly Asked N-Power Questions for Brain and Sanity Test


The Npower assessment test date 2020 has been set to commence anytime soon. Job seekers who applied for Npower TAX will be seen before others.

Below are random repeated question of Npower screening exercise.

Q1) Must I come back home before 11 P.M? No, you …………. a) needn’t. b) can’t. c) mustn’t. d) don’t. e) none of the option

Q2) Nigeria become Republic in? a) 1963. b) 1960. c) 1979. d) 1975. e) 1980

Q3) Where is your father? a) Mr. Green’s. b) Mr. Greens. c) Mr. Green. d) Mr. Greens’. e) all of the option

Q4) A number is greater than 3 but less than 8, Also the number is greater than 6 but less than 10. What is the number? a) 5. b) 6. c) 7. d) 8

Q5) Nigeria presidential villa is located in? a) Aso Rock, Abuja. b) Obasanjo Farms, Otta. c) Dodan Barracks, Lagos. d) Asokoro, Abuja. e) Chibok,Borno

Q6) In words number 14 can be written as? a) Fortin. b) Four tin. c) Forteen. d) Fourteen

Q7) What is 999 times 100.0? a) 199.0. b) 999.0. c) 9990. d) 99900

Q8) Are you willing to be deployed to a rural area? a) Yes. b) No

Q9) Do you have any physical abilities? a) Yes. b) No

Q10) Gender? a) Male. b) Female

Q11) What is your current employment status? a) Full-time. b) freelance. c) part-time. d) unemployed

Q12) 10 is equal to? a) 1. b) none of these. c) -1. d) +1

Q13) Look the clouds are gathering, yes, I’m afraid it ……….. be pouring down soon? a) Must. b) should. c) could. d) might. e) can

Q14) What is faint? a) an unexpected collapse. b) sing of flu. c) a brief loss of consciousness. d) a response to fear.

Q15) At this time, which one or a combination of these device do you own? a) tablet. b) smart phone ( mobile phone with internet capabilities. c) laptop.

Note: The screening exercise might be computer base test online.

NGstudents Team Cares….. 

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