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Breaking: COVID-19 Pandemic Ends As US Successfully Approves a Vaccine

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It is now a staggering eight months now from the time the world got jeopardized by the deadly novel pandemic which has been claiming lives on a daily basis across the world. According to the world meter on COVID-19, more than ten million people have already been infected were new cases in the world’s dominant countries, like the United States of America, had been rising on a daily basis.



Researchers have been trying their best way out in coming up with a vaccine for the pandemic. The race has been hard where most of the vaccines have failed to help as intended. Now the world has a reason to smile after a publication my The New York Times reveals that doctors and researchers from the United States of America have come up with a vaccine for the pandemic. The vaccine has not been fully approved for it is not totally effective and it is only for the limited uses when one is in the early stages of the pandemic.

(Source: The New York Times)

This is definitely a breakthrough to the world at this crucial moment where the spread of the pandemic is rocketing. The vaccine is set to be used by the patients who are in the early stages taking into consideration that it is not that strong to fight the virus at the late stages.

It is now a great time to the world for there is now utmost hope that the doctors and researchers will develop the idea and end up coming with a vaccine set to fully cure the pandemic as the race from doctors for the vaccine is heated up.

What do you think of this development??

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