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COVID-19: Don’t Reopen Schools Yet – Nigerian Doctors Cautions FG

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Following the clamour by many Interest groups for the reopening of schools, top medical expert, Dr. Olufunsho Seye, has warned the FG against reopening of schools, stressing that COVID-19  is still on the rise.

Dr. Seye,  CEO, ST.SHILOH hospital Ogun state, explained that the virus increase is a s a result of no scientifically reliable vaccine available to treat patients.

“I view this as a professional responsibility to publicly express my view in the ongoing national discourse.

“The possible date of September for reopening of schools would not be in the interest of children and the nation.”

He said his position was based on currently “viable consistent scientific facts about COVID-19 published and accepted by the scientific community. The fact that these scientific facts are rapidly evolving and changing the trend in the incidence of COVID-19 infection in Nigeria; the recognition that children need structured school environment for optimal learning and realisation of their full potentials is essential; including the capacity of the Nigerian health system to quickly respond to unexpected increase in the incidence of COVID-19; and the experiences of other countries where reopening of schools have recently been tried.”

He added that figures from NCDC, showed exponential rise in COVID-19 incidence and deaths, which suggested that Nigeria has not reached its peak incidence of the pandemic.

“Ghana that reopened its schools has reported 55 new cases. I therefore support the continued closure of Nigerian schools, until conditions are safe.”

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