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SUNDAY PUBLICATION: Analysing The Jonathan Factor in Magu, EFCC Travails

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One of the signs of the tragedy of our times is that no Nigerian newspaper house has found it needful to ask former President Goodluck Jonathan if, with all the unsavoury tales surrounding the suspended Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Acting Chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Magu, he still thinks the role he played in Magu’s return to EFCC was not a national betrayal.

And this is despite the fact that both Jonathan and Magu have remained in the news recently. Yes, even while Magu was facing the Presidential Panel digging into his stewardship at the EFCC, Jonathan himself visited the Aso Rock Presidential Villa, over his recent role in Mali as ECOWAS Special Envoy.

Yet, no single journalist put his act together to the extent that it could occur to him to ask Jonathan to review that singular act while he had tenement rights to that most distinguished residential and office address in Nigeria, Aso Rock.

It is even likely that not many Nigerians have made a link to that singular act of Jonathan’s; to battle against the EFCC Chairman who was in office when the Presidential powers, and whom he removed unceremoniously, and for unstated reasons.

Then, he appointed Ibrahim Lamorde the Chairman as Farida Waziri’s replacement, and then, one thing led to another and a Magu who had been removed from the EFCC was reinstated with honours and much adulation.

Yes, Jonathan earned some exaltations too; that he had struck a blow for the anti-corruption fight. Even now, one sentence keeps turning up on my mind; “A fool does not know the gravity of an offence”.

I thank God that former President Goodluck Jonathan is not a fool. He earned his first degree, earned his Master’s and even a PhD. And lectured at the University of Port Harcourt for goodness sake.

He was also a Deputy Governor, Vice-President, Acting-President, before he became a fullfledged President.

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