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BREAKING: Lance Corporal Martins Allegedly Dies While Awaiting Court Martial

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BREAKING: Lance Corporal Martins Feared Dead As Chief Of Army Staff Attempts Cover Up | Sahara Reporters

Top sources within the army had informed SaharaReporters that Buratai had vowed to deal ruthlessly with the detained soldier for his action and also treat the order of Justice Chikere with disdain.

More detail comming….

NGstudents Team Cares….. 

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11 Comments on BREAKING: Lance Corporal Martins Allegedly Dies While Awaiting Court Martial

  1. Abdullahi mustapha // __ August 3, 2020 at 9:08 PM // Reply

    This is a sad story for Nigerian


  2. They’ve killed him just like others. Until we rise and fight these vampires nothing will change


  3. This is so absurd! He was murdered by the military Commanders just to keep him silent and until we rise up this will continue.


  4. It is not a new thing in the army. Our so called high rank officer are involved with book haram


  5. Well,if L/cpl martins is dead,the chief of Army staff should be arrested,if he think, he is holding position nd he don’t see any other person important,he is not above the law,let the human right fight him.But whatever a man rip,is what he will saul,but he should remember that is somebody’s son he killed nd that he has families,bye


  6. Painful more than Boko Haram!. ” But one day!. “


  7. This is Nigeria were anything can happen and nothing would be done about it😡😡😡😡😡😠


  8. That is very goof


  9. Even while declaring the truth, he said ” I never fear to die ”
    He’s an hero. Sleep on GALANT soldier. But you can’t kill his soul.


  10. Useless government


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