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Beriut: Donald Trump Reacts to Deadly Blast As Death Toll Passes 100

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Following the disastrous explosives that emerged in the capital city of Lebanon, Bierut, On Tuesday evening, the United States of America President Donald Trump has expressly stated that the explosion that occurred was mostly caused by a bomb attack. This viewpoint is quite contradictory to the viewpoint of the Lebanese officials who maintained that the explosion was caused by some nitrate devices that were concentrated in the region. This is complicated.

It is particularly disheartening to note that more than 100 people have died as a result of the horrible disaster that occurred. In the same vein, many people sustained varying degrees of injuries to the extent that the hospitals have become overwhelmed and overloaded. This is quite surprising. Donald Trump maintained that he was confident of making such an assertion after consulting his military chiefs who advised him that the explosion was a product of a coordinated attack.

Therefore, this should call for a discreet investigation in order to identify the perpetrators behind these heinous crimes. The Lebanese authorities must ensure that they identify the causes of the explosion so as to prevent a recurrence of deadly disasters in the country. This will also serve as a halt to the conjectures that have been identified as the causes of the horrible scenarios.

Knowing fully well that Lebanon is one of those countries that has not been spared of incessant terrorism and insurgency, there is no mincing word that the attack might have been orchestrated by some daredevil terrorists in order to scare the security architecture of the state. It is thus important that the authorities rise to occasion with a view to ensuring that human lives and property are jealously guided and protected.

It should be noted that the Lebanese Prime Minister has alluded to the fact that the explosion was caused by thousands of tonnes of ammonium nitrate. Thereafter, he made a return by saying that those behind the explosion will pay for it. This is quite complicated and elusive. It will augur well if the Prime Minister steer clear of fixation and do the needful for the overall interest of everyone.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab tweeted on Tuesday night and ascertained the fact that it was an estimated 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate that had been stored dangerously for six years at a warehouse that ignited the explosion. This is a loose statement. If truly the authorities are aware that some dangerous nitrate has been wrongly stored for more than 5years and did not speak up because of official benefits, then such action is worthy of condemnation and historically unpardonable.

While the health workers are currently treating some of the survivors that are in terrible condition, it is impressive for Lebanese that are not victims of circumstance to rally round the dying people at this point in time. No doubt, many of them need blood and water in line with the call by the health workers. A great deal of contribution to blood and water will rescue the lives of some of these people. Let’s be our brother’s keeper.

Is Donald Trump right on his recent assertion?

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