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DEFENSE: 5 Military Equipments Found Mainly in Israel

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1) Merkava

The Merkava has very good armor, maneuvers well, has a great gun and probably the best trained tank crews in the world. The tank is designed from the ground up for crew survival and for fighting in their terrain.

In total, five Merkava tanks (two Merkava IIs, one Merkava III, and two Merkava IVs) were destroyed. Of these two Merkava Mark IVs, one was by powerful IEDs, and the other by Russian AT-14 ‘Kornet’ missiles.

2)F-15l Thunder

The two seat F15I, known as the Thunder in Israel, incorporates new and unique weapons, avionics, electronic warfare, and communications capabilities that make it one of the most advanced F-15s. … Israel selected the F15I in January, 1994 after evaluating a variety of aircraft to meet its defense needs.


For being a modern 5.56 rifle, the Tavor X95 is a bit heavy weighing in at 7.8 pounds. Compared to most ARs at about 6-7 pounds. Shooting the Tavor the weight doesn’t feel bad since it is a well-balanced rifle. The extra weight also helps soak up recoil a bit making it smooth and easy to shoot.


The Uzi’s heavy bolt slams forward with as much if not more force than a 115 grain 9mm round recoils the gun rearwards. … So when the trigger is pulled, the bolt slams forward, strips a round from the magazine, and keeps on chugging.


The IWI Tavor X95 (also called Micro-Tavor, MTAR, and MTAR-21) is an Israeli bullpup designed and produced by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) as part of the Tavor rifle family, along with the TAR-21 and the Tavor 7. In November 2009 the Tavor X95 was selected as the future standard issued weapon of the Israeli infantry.

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