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2023 Presidency: Power Should Return To The South – El-Rufai

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The governor of Kaduna State in Nigeria has demanded the transfer of power to the southern part of the country in 2023 after the term of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Mallam Nasiru Ahmad El-Rufai made the remarks in an interview with the BBC.

“If you look at how I am, I don’t consider anyone working with me for the area they come from. I’m looking at merit. I’m looking at who if entrusted to the public will handle it properly.”

He added, “In Nigerian politics, there is a rotation system, where everyone agrees that if the north rules for eight years, the south will rule for eight years.”

He said although the acceptance process was not written in the constitution, but every politician in the country was aware of it.

‘That is why I came out and said that after President Buhari is eight years old, no northerner should run for office. Let the southerners also have eight years. ”

Asked if he really had the intention to run for the presidency of Nigeria, he said:

“It has been said that I like the president since I was the minister in Abuja, but I do not. It is nonsense.”

He went on to say that God gives leadership, “whether you like it or not, he can give it to you. But I have never applied for the presidency of Nigeria and no one will say I have applied for it.”

Closing Kaduna markets

Since the outbreak of corona in Nigeria, governments have taken steps to protect their communities at home, including closing schools, workplaces and markets.

In Kaduna State, despite the Kaduna State government easing its restrictions on the people of the state, it has not reopened places of worship, markets and schools.

That’s why business people are complaining about the issue, saying the state governor’s move could hurt them.

But the Kaduna governor defended himself against allegations that he refused to show compassion to the business community.

“The traders say they started begging. We hear, but you’d better beg if you’re alive and dead.”

He explained that his government would open markets and places of worship only after it had been hit hard by the epidemic.

Mallam Nasiru El-Rufai: “After closing the state for 75 days, we are slowly opening up some areas of life to see if people will abide by the rules set by health officials to protect the community from coronary heart disease. ”

He lamented that the people in the state were not being maintained as required.

“If we open mosques and markets, the congestion we see is increasing will not decrease. And one person with the disease can spread it to thousands of people.”

He said due to the spread of the disease in the state, the government could turn back the clock.

“Right now what we’re looking at is that we may have to close the state because the disease is on the rise. We fear it could overwhelm our hospitals. They may have to close the state again and go back to yesterday’s house.”

He also promised to support the entrepreneurs if all goes well: “We will have ways to support them after everything calms down, but a person who is already dead, no matter what kind of business he is doing, will not benefit, unless in the Hereafter. ”


When will schools open?

Despite the announcement by the Federal Government of Nigeria of the opening dates of the schools in the country, the Kaduna governor believes there is still a long way to go.

He said his government would study to see if it was appropriate to reopen schools across the state:

“We are here to check. There are major plans to be made – otherwise, we will not open them,” the governor said.

Security problem south of Kaduna

Another issue that is of concern to Nigerians is insecurity.

While the north-eastern states are plagued by acts of terrorism, the north-western states are under threat from forest thieves and kidnappers for ransom.

Governor El-Rufai said the militants who carried out the attacks in the southern part of the state were doing so for economic reasons: These militants are responsible for killings and kidnappings in southern Kaduna. ”

He added, “What I have noticed is that some people are using politics, religion or ethnicity to confuse the issue.”

Asked by the BBC who is using politics and religion, the governor said:

“There are those whom we have defeated in the election but are still undecided, which is why they want violence. They have sworn that the state will not be governed.”


He also said that there are others who have formed a front against other communities living in the state, even calling them foreigners.

He said there were towns like Zonkwa, Kafanchan, Zangon-Kataf and towns and people from other parts of northern Nigeria such as Kano and Bauchi and others had gone south of Kaduna to live.

“There are those who say that these people are foreigners and they have to leave. Similar violence has been going on in Kaduna State since 1980 when 11 people were killed in the Drug Market.”

Mallam Nasiru El-Rufai has defended his government against accusations that it has failed to address the problem, saying that even during the time of former governor Patrick Yakowa, similar incidents took place.

“Patrick Yakowa is from southern Kaduna, and the people of the area have shown similar behavior. They have attacked and killed people.”

He said the security situation was stable due to the security measures he was taking.

“Those who say we are too strong have not done us justice. What people don’t know is how we have prevented the conspiracies of others to attack and kill people in the state.”

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