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Sanusi Gets Special Islamic Appointment in Senegal

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Tijjiniya are group of muslims who spend most of their time in prayers and praising the holy prophet muhammad (SAW).

Their leader was late sheikh Ibrahim Inyass, he passed away few years ago, this category of people are found everywhere across the muslims countries.

It was gathered that few days ago the only son of sheikh Ibrahim inyass died, Khalifa Tijjani Inyass succeeded his late father for the past years.

Khalifa tijjani has dedicated all his time in preaching and delivering sermons related to promoting islam in the world.

Recently Dethroned emir sanusi paid a condolence visit to the family of sheik khalifa Tijjani over his death.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the former emir manage to travel to senagal, he was later appointed as a successor to late Tijjani Inyass in Nigeria after the death of Sheikh Isyaka Rabiu.

His appointment was followed by his dedication and support to the tijjaniya group in Africa.

May Allah Continue to bless your life sir.

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  1. Congratulation to him.


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