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Health: Malaria And Other Challenges of AA Genotype Persons

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Against the backdrop of the fact that many South Africans with AA genotype often feel on top of the world, it is imperative to note that there are some constraints and challenges that come with it. In this regard, this article examines the major health challenge that individuals with AA are likely to encounter through the processes of development in life.

More fundamentally, the AA genotype is quite inseparable from malaria. As a matter of fact, many medical journals have alluded to the fact that people with AA genotype are more susceptible to malaria than other genotype groups. Of course, malaria is still one of the leading killers of human being in Africa even in the midst of the ravaging coronavirus pandemic. A rough statistical estimate shows that the disease claims the lives of 870,000 people per year.

However, a number of researches in the past as well as in contemporary times underscore the fact that the malaria-causing parasite (falciparum malaria) that is gotten from mosquito bites has an alarmingly high rate of oxygen use and consumption. These elements are very deleterious to those with AA blood group. In the same, it is important to note that this parasite consumes a lot of hemoglobin in order to aid its survival.

The connecting dot here is that Genotype AA red blood cells have been known to contain hemoglobin both in quantity and structure. More often than not, this is capable of resulting in extra energy binding capacity which fuels and accelerates the malaria parasite replication and duplication. Little wonder that those with AA genotype easily get laid down by the disease.

However, it is no longer news that those with AA genotypes often get hit by malaria attacks which have tacitly claimed a number of lives.

How can you overcome this scourge?

Adhering to some precautionary medical measures are some of the ways of overcoming or surmounting malaria disease. In a bid to fortify yourself against this deadly disease, you need to ensure that you are well protected against mosquito bites. More often than not, make use of mosquito nets to distill yourself from a mosquito. The logic is quite simple, you cannot get malaria if you are not bitten by a mosquito.

Relying on the provisions of a number of researches, it has been proven that malaria-causing mosquitoes mostly fly at night. In light of this, it is imperative that those with an AA genotype should sleep under a long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito net. Knowing full well that mosquito attacks are often frequent during this season (rainy season), it is imperative to enjoin you to always close your windows and doors as early as possible and apply mosquito insecticides in your room. There are no means mosquitoes can meander into your room if those precautionary measures are followed.

Worthy of note, however, is the fact that a good air conditioning unit is also another preventive measure against the mosquito.

Medical researches have proven that mosquitoes detest a cool environment. Therefore, always make sure your room is kept cool through the application of fans or air conditioners. The wearing of long-sleeve cloth to bed is another traditional preventive measure that should not be relegated to the backyard.

More importantly, always report at the nearest standard hospital when you notice some feverish symptoms so that you can be properly diagnosed for treatment. Early detection will bring about an easy solution or way out.

So do not wait until your situation deteriorates before you consult your doctors or hospitals. As a matter of fact, it is expected that everyone should always consult his or her on a periodic basis so as to know his true health status with a view to providing lasting solutions to it. There is no doubting the fact that if the above measures are adhered to; the spate of AA malaria-related deaths will be reduced.

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