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Students Protests: Ministry of Education Bows to Pressure, To Announce Resumption Date

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The National Association Of University Students has revealed to the students nationwide that the representative of the Minister for education has disclosed that the Minister is to discuss the reopening of schools with the Association by Next week, after a meeting was called with the association following a heated protest by the students at Unity Fountain in Abuja.

The protest which was made by students in Abuja, requested for a decisive and serious action to be taken by the Federal Government regarding the safe resumption of schools in the country.

This information was made known via a letter issued and signed by the National Vice-President of the Association, Aruson David, and in which a copy was made available to ‘Babsreporting’ on Thursday, 20th of August.

He mentioned in the letter that the association was summoned to a meeting during the heat of the protest held at the Unity Fountain to the Federal Ministry Of Education, saying that the meeting had in its attendance several directors including a representative of the Minister of Education.

He further added that all students are to disregard the information that schools are to resume on the 7th of September, explaining that it was a false information and was not issued by any authority.

Making further comments, he wrote that the representative of the Minister of Education has promised to relay the students’ demand to the Minister and a meeting will be Mintserscheduled next week which will be for the discussion of resumption plans and that a press text will be issued to reveal the resumption date after the conclusion of the meeting.

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4 Comments on Students Protests: Ministry of Education Bows to Pressure, To Announce Resumption Date

  1. My name is George Righteous, am a student of federal polytechnic ekowe, i hope to go back to school next month, am tired of staying at home doing nothing, if FG can reopen market places and other croudy places why can’t they reopen school, infact they should stop paying lecturer’s because they are not doing anything. Aluta continue…


  2. My Name is Ahmed yahaya, am a student of Abubakar Tatari ali polytechnic, I graduated last year, hoping to go back for my HND but, the FG can reopen the school, But market is open and so many things but yet pls pls pls


  3. Dickson makere // __ August 21, 2020 at 4:35 PM // Reply

    All we need is school resumption in Nigeria and all student should never give up with the agitation as to fight unnecessary delay on our future.we have exercise patience enough.covid 19,Nigeria own is a scam.


  4. Hmmmm federal government you have to do something about this Issue on the resumption of school, because who are the leaders of tomorrow
    And pls stop misleading people about this reopening the school if you are serious be serious if not ,just come out and speak the truth


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