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Enugu Massacre: Nnamdi Kanu Drags Us, UK Over ‘Silence to Unprovoked Killings’

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According to the IPOB leader,

“Does it mean that both Catriona Laing the current British High Commissioner to Nigga-eria and Ambassador Mary Beth Leonard of US Mission to Nigga-eria are not aware of the barbaric and unprovoked massacre of innocent unarmed citizens yesterday in Emene Enugu? This and similar blatant terrorist attacks by Fulani jihadists in DSS, military and police uniforms is something the UK and US should take very seriously by reporting such crimes against humanity to London and Washington.

Nigga-eria’s Fulani dominated state security apparatus is a legalised weapon of terror regularly deployed against innocent law abiding citizens to soften the ground for Fulani terrorists to take over the ancestral lands of indigenous populations in the colonial contraption Britain created. The silence of both missions is confirmation that they are well aware of the murderous tendencies of the DSS, Police and army but have chosen to keep quiet because of bribes and kickbacks they are getting from this corrupt Fulani regime.

By their silence both the UK and US missions in Nigga-eria are in full support of Fulani state terrorism and their Jihad against Christians and the entire South. Black lives clearly don’t matter in Nigga-eria.

UK in Nigeria should do their duty by recognising that DSS, Nigga-erian army and police are terrorist organisations intent on the extermination of Biafrans.”

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9 Comments on Enugu Massacre: Nnamdi Kanu Drags Us, UK Over ‘Silence to Unprovoked Killings’

  1. God help the igbos. killing and humiliation is too much on them


    • Harold Ufondu // __ August 24, 2020 at 8:54 PM // Reply

      The unprovoked masssacre of lPOB members in Enugu is nothing other than the grand design of the fulani pansionist terrorists to subjugate the south and enhance their hegemonic control of Nigeria by force.The IPOB is a peacefulorganisation that does not carry arms and does not constitute any nuisance to the society ,The quietness of the international community in the face of genocide perpetrated against Christian’s in Nigeria amount to international conspiracy. Nnamdi Kalu was right in his accusation of the British and American embassies for keeping quiet in the face of on going genocide.


  2. It’s high time we revenge not complaining all the time while they continue killing us.the whole world knows we have tried afterall nobody has the Monopoly of killing


  3. Don’t push the ipobs to the wall, if they start Nigeria will vanish.


  4. Nwebonyi Israel Timothy // __ August 25, 2020 at 2:30 PM // Reply

    What a hell in Nigeria 😭😭😭😭
    God we need Biafra.
    Enough of blood wastage in Nigeria.
    All hail Biafra..
    God Bless Nnamdi Kanu
    God bless Igboland
    God bless Biafra
    Nigeria is cursed and they will ever remain in the cusre.


    • Is it a crime for South East to be Independent. Why kilĺing innocent Igbo( Biafrans) Lord save us from evil leaders.
      Long Live Biafra.
      Long Live Igbos
      Long Live Mazi Kalu. OMENIFE.


  5. Let us take law into our hands


  6. Why killing them


  7. Adekanmi Duyile // __ August 27, 2020 at 9:40 AM // Reply

    Stop killing them


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