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BarcelonaExit: Messi Should Pay His €700m Release Clause – Freixa

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Barcelona presidential candidate Freixa hits out at Messi for disrespecting Barca with his attempt to leave

Toni Freixa claims he is disappointed by Leo’s actions and He suggests the Argentinian should pay his €700m release clause himself if he wants out of the club.

“I am not overly concerned about Messi leaving because everything has an end. What is important is that he did it in such an unfortunate way and without respecting the club,” presidential candidate Toni Freixa told Marca.

He added: “I am surprised and disappointed. I am disappointed by what Messi has done. The contracts are to be fulfilled and what Messi has to do is come with €700m and leave.”

Freixa is widely believed to be the exact candidate supported by Josep Maria Bartomeu to succeed him as Barcelona’s future president which may explain his quotes.

Messi reportedly requested Barcelona for a transfer, referring to the exit clause in his contract which allows him to leave for free after each season.

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1 Comment on BarcelonaExit: Messi Should Pay His €700m Release Clause – Freixa

  1. Like what u said everything has an end is a good player bet if he said he want to live good he should pay the money and let him live I believe he living is not the end of Barca.


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