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Nnamdi Kanu Attacks Vanguard News Over Controversial Publication on Anioma

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According to the IPOB leader

“[FACEBOOK suppressed this post]

History is an academic discipline for a reason, its not there to decorate your ignorance.

Both the author of the nauseatingly irritating and roundly unintelligent piece in today’s Vanguard newspaper and the editorial board of that newspaper itself are daft beyond redemption.

Maybe we should accept it as given when a drunkard says, I am a Geordie but I am not English. Or I am a Fula but not Fulani or I am Ijebu but not Yoruba.

Some of you confused idiots with questionable parentage should know this for a fact, nobody is stopping you from going back to your father’s people in the Sahel, after all the animal that sired you came with Murtala Mohammed’s 2nd Division of the Zoo Army during the great war. So some of you that say you are not Igbo may be right, your father was a Janjaweed vandal during the war of 1967-70. The sooner you change your name to Haruna or Usman the better.

How can somebody from Karnem-Bornu say he is not Kanuri? How come Igodomigodo (Idu) that some of you claim descendancy from are bona fide Igbo but not you from Anioma?

Confused morons! Do you know the title of the traditional ruler of Igbo-Ukwu is Idu? As in Idu descended from Igodomigodo. Maybe people from Igbo-Ukwu are not Igbo. Ndi ara!”

NGstudents Team Cares….. 

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