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Vagabonds Exists, Currently Around Us – Sabon Gari Residents Cries Out

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Group of five scary figures in hooded cloaks in the dark

Residents of Sabon Gari community in Kano metropolis have raised alarm over the alleged heightened criminal and fetish activities of cultists and suspected vagabonds.

Judicial Sketch investigations revealed that the activities of the criminal gangs recorded monumental increase since the Covid-19 lock down was lifted, owing to the mass membership recruitment drive that was conducted by the gangs during when the lock down was still subsisting in the state.

Our check further unveiled that the number of youths parading themselves and claiming to be initiate members of criminal gangs that mimics popular secret societies are enjoying a field day in the township.

Inter cult clashes culminating into street brawls are now a household tale in the area.

Families are recounting their ordeals in the hands of members of these notorious gangs, who sometimes embark on destruction of properties such as vehicles parked by the road sides.

The gangs snatched mobile phones and valuables of unsuspecting members of the public. They also broke into shops and caused sleepless nights for residents, compelling them to resort to self help by organizing vigilant groupings to secure their lives and properties.

A community leader who spoke under the conditions of anonymity said “Sabon Gari is no longer safe, especially after the lock down by the government. Everyday, we hear of one gang fighting against another gang.

“After the lock down, there was a very serious clash in Ijebu Road. Many people were seriously injured. People living in the area had to run for their dear lives. Peoples’ cars were smashed. The police came and arrested some of them, but after some days, they were back on the streets.

A repentant cultist, who spoke to our correspondent, revealed that the gangs operating in Sabon Gari are “Arobaga, Eiye and Aye.”

The former cultist said “during the Covid-19 lock down there was mass recruitment by these gangs, there were new recruits majorly boys in SSS 1 to3 and those studying in higher institutions.

The scribe, Sabon Gari committee for development, Elder Femi Adu lamented that Sabon Gari Kano Township was under the siege of criminal gangs who describe themselves as secret cults.

Adu said “as I speak to you today, those who normally go to markets in the morning must have to wait for the sun to rise, if not, they are prone to be attacked. This has been the trend for sometimes now.

“Those returning from Christian night vigils must not leave the church premises until when the day is bright enough, same thing with Muslims, they cannot come out to attend their dawn prayers the way they do before, especially if they live far from the mosque or around the most dangerous streets where these gangs operate freely.

“On 14th August 2020, after one their brutal clashes, the police raided Sabon Gari, and carried out mass raiding, but what disturbed us was that after two days, majority of those arrested were back on the streets.

“We are appealing to the government to come to our aid, we are no longer safe. If you live or move along France Road, Egbe Road, Court Road and parts of Ijebu Road and Burma Road and Freetown, you are not safe from these gangs. Also, some parts of Katisna Road and Kwakwachi farm, people are always been attacked. They are stabbed and their phones are snatched. They are always fighting over any small issues like snatching of girl friends”, Adu lamented.

Another resident said “Everybody know about them in Sabon Gari. May be because they have not put them in the media like the one million boys in Lagos, they move about and are saying that they are secret cult. If they ask you to join them and you refuse, they will attack you. If they approach a lady and she refuse their courtship request, they will target her. If you become friendly with the girlfriend of anyone of them they will target you, even if she is a prostitute

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