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Extracts From Nnamdi Kanu Sunday Broadcast, Aug 30

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Compiled by

Edited by
Nwada Emmanuel Chisom(Ada Biafra)

  1. An opening prayer by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, we are now going to pray for repentance and hope.
  2. Somebody rang me today and said you’ve done it, and I said to this person is not me but Chukwu Okike Abiama, am just a servant.

3 when we are busy distancing ourselves from Israel, nobody is coming to your help. Meanwhile nobody is stopping the Fulani from claiming they are Arabs, now all the Arabs in the whole are coming to their aid.

  1. When I was on Radio in 2015 telling you that Jonathan will lose the election none of you believed me, of course those who understood what I was saying believed me.
  • I told you that America was putting pressure on Jonathan to concede.

  • After listening to us you must concede.

  • What I told you in 2015, in 2020 Jonathan is conceding.

  • Anyday I see the truth and ran away from it, the glory of Elohim will ran away from me.

  • We see things that ordinary people cannot see.

  • Jonathan even took responsibility of the Chibok girls because it happened in his watch, compared to a bunch of Fulani cattle rearer.

  • Despite that no politician is in support of what we are doing, yet we are waxing strong all over the world.

  • Listen to our eternal leader, he is learned, highly polished, highly educated. Some of you may struggle to understand his English.

  • The problem was not Gowon at the end of Aburi, rather it was the ambassador in Lagos.

  • The 1966 coup was planned by Britain.
    Dr. Michael Okpala had the fastest growing economy in the East, Britain could not stand it, Britain had to plan that coup to destroy us.

  • Gowon had to succumb to the preasure from the ambassadors in Lagos.

  • Our brother was saying in Vangaurd article, that Nnamdi Azikiwe was the only leader to lose out, and I want our people to go and find that article and read it.

  • All of you in the South are you not hopeless? Here in Radio Biafra we tell you the truth.

  • Sabo nti-ike can’t you reason? O course you cannot reason. Lauretta Onochie and the one moving around with file, your village is gone.

  • We are against the unwarranted presence of Miyetti Allah in our land.

  • Had Aburi succeeded, Ojukwu was actually negotiating for Southern Kaduna to save them as well.

  • Look at Southern Kaduna, that is what is going to happen to you.

  • There is also Goodnews Church in Kaduna, they are also saying there is going to be a Revolution in Kaduna, and you are there writing Rubbish.

  • They are always finding a way to divide IPOB within, and you are fool, you buy into it.

  • You see them fighting themselves., the guy in Abia will say I will not tell the guy in Imo, so they can give me Presidency.

  • You have elders, but yet I can see things Years ahead, that is why things I told you in 2015 is happening now.

  • This night we are telling amnesty international, are you aware that Fulani has gone out on the streets and have rounded every young men they can see and has taken them to Ohafia barracks to kill them tonight.

  • I need the name of the commander in Ohafia Barracks. The man who is going to carry out the execution that the world may know.

  • Oduduwa said to them there is no way Amotekun can be under the Federal government, but your governors will always have a different opinion among each other. I don’t know what is wrong with this generation.

  • And these are your so called leaders.

  • And I want to make it very clear to this idiot called Major Tunde, if anybody gets executed tonight you will have it hot. Anybody who is executed tonight you will die for it.

  • Kill anybody in that Barrack we will come after you.

  • Bunch of monkeys in Africa i don’t know who gave you guys AK47.

  • ISIS has taken a city in Mozambique and all of you are blind.

  • Tomorrow our lawyers will be there, don’t give these people to our lawyers and see what will happen to you.

  • We are going to teach them lesson in Abia, and BBC igbo should prepare to write Rubbish as usual.

  • If you speak like a grown up man, our people will respect you.

  • The north has formed their own (NBA) nigeria bar association because one of their governors. EL Rufai was not invited to a meeting, but if it was in the East one of you will find a reason to be a SABOTEUR and sell your people to the Fulani.

  • Do you see why we do want we do? Do you see why we use what we do to protect our people. Even the supreme court Governor using DSS to intimidate our people.

  • Our people can be killed, our land can be taken by Fulani they don’t care, all the care is who will be the Governor or Presidency, come and be a president, Chineke kpọọkwa unu ọkụ.

  • Last Tuesday I was asking myself, God are you sure this people are created by you? An actor died in America killed by cancer and everybody is mourning him, but your own people died, shot and killed by Fulani and no one mourns them.

  • I thank you all for listening, and those of you who are not listening to their coordinators unless they ask you to do something horrible then you know whom to report to. Once again I thank you all for listening, for some of us Biafra is our Religion, and here on Radio Biafra is where we worship, and Chukwu Okike Abhiama is our God, from me , from here is Goodevening

  • Compiled by

    Edited by
    Nwada Emmanuel Chisom(Ada Biafra)

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    1. May God bless u and Biafra country in Jesus name amen


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